Clear Cards & Scan N’ Cut Demo!

Hi friends! I have been asked a lot (after I did my Konmari cleanup) about my Scan N Cut 2 machine. I have only showed it in action in one video because I use it to perform one simple function (and no, it’s not a paper weight LOL!) I use it to cut out my stamped images. love the professional look of die-cut stamped images BUT I don’t like to buy (or store) really specific and expensive die sets to match my stamps. In my studio tools need to be versatile and earn their keep. A die set to match a set of stamps (and not all stamps have matching dies) often cost $25-$30 and most of the time they are only useful with that one stamp set. That is expensive and when I think about the huge amount of stamps I own it just doesn’t make since when I can use one machine to cut ANY of my stamps. The machine is about $300 (roughly the cost of 10-13 die sets) so it was a no brainer for me. The Scan N Cut2 can be hooked to a computer and you can design with it and there are pre loaded shapes and designs (which I have used and are cute) but for me I want this machine to cut my stamped images like I did with these cute cacti!


If I didn’t still have my old electronic die cutter (A Cricut Expression with SCAL2 software-that software is no longer available for use with Cricut) I would explore the computer design aspect. I keep my old Cricut because it is a workhorse and the blades and mats are about half the price (or less) of the Brother Scan n Cut versions. I am also very fast and efficient designing in SCAL2 and I like to avoid learning any new computer stuff that I don’t have to:) In today’s video I will walk you through the scanning and cutting process, it has been a while since I last used the machine so I am a bit slow but even with my failings you can see it is a very easy machine to use (the screen tells you what to do next if you forget, Yay!) I will also share tips for watercoloring on cardstock and working with acetate.


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The video goes in-depth on how to make these cards. I love how you get 4 finished cards so quickly and the clear front is something people will get a kick out of! I hope you enjoyed this project and til next time happy crafting!

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8 thoughts on “Clear Cards & Scan N’ Cut Demo!

  1. Yes would like to see the birds done. I would like to see more demos on the Scan and Cut have been considering for some time but ease of use and cost are factors. Can you get a coupon for the scan and cut? That might make a difference in people purchasing the Scan And Cut. I have the first Circut that came out and have only used it a couple of times don’t really care for it. Can you tell me if the cartridges now available work on the old Cricuts? Thank you and enjoy your work very much especially watercolor which I am trying to learn how to do😊


  2. Thanks for this video, Lindsay!! I have the Scan N Cut 2 also but have only used it once. Not because I didn’t have a use for it – I just need to set up a bit of a station to have it ready to go and practice with it! I DID make a cute cover for it based one one of your videos for making one. (Then went a bit crazy and made covers for my printer, laptop, and a few other items around the place. I can sew a bit on a machine, but again, no convenient work station to use the sewing machine! I found the Aileen’s Fabric Fusion to work wonders!) BTW, I got my Scan N Cut 2 using rewards points from my credit card! So that worked out well!!


  3. Thank you for this video. Your cards are beautiful! I really like this style. You have inspired me! And thanks again for the tutorial about the Scan and Cut. Really interested in this product, but I have a Cricut Exlplore Air and love it. I so wish you could “scan and cut” with the Explore. I have tried scanning in my stamped images, but they then have to print before cutting. Not fun.


  4. I have an ancient Cricut and about 40 or so cartridges and like you said, it is a workhorse. I use that most often when my nieces and nephews come over to play with me. No computer involved, they pop in cartridge and cut away

    I also have old SCAL and MTC programs that work with it but for my own designing and cutting I go to the Silhouette. The machine is also ancient but it works!
    The designer edition of the software allows print and cut and is pretty easy to use. Not sure about the basic edition.

    Mats are more expensive but in my experience over the years of use the adhesive is better ( Silhouette) , lasts longer with reasonable grip

    I agree that it is painful to purchase coordinated dies that are stamp set specific but I store them together with the stamps and find that in a lot of cases they allow for much more detailed cut and it is much easier and quicker to use my big shot… which has a place on work top so is accessible all the time.. than bring out the electronic cutter, mats, computer and wires to make a card or 3D flower or whatever.

    Which goes to show that one size does not fit all! So much depends on space and set up and so forth.


  5. Nice video. I moved from a Cricut Expression to a Cricut Explore and never looked back! The Design Space software was easy to use after watching a few YouTube videos. I am not tech savvy and in my late 60’s so if I could learn it you can too. I had about 30 cartridges and could upload them to my account easily. I also got Access for a year with my machine, which gave me thousands more images. I love my Cricut!


  6. I have a pad of the same clear polka dots but didn’t know what to do with it. I just love these cards! You make water coloring look so easy. Thanks for the great video!


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