Rembrandt Watercolor Review & Programming Notes!

Hi friends! First up I want to let you know that I will be away teaching a workshop on beautiful Monhegan Island this week so there will be no live stream on Friday. I do have a long, live narrated watercolor tutorial of peaches in a bowl coming up next Tuesday or Wednesday but I might not have a new watercolor tutorial for you before then. Luckily I have hundreds in the archive so you can check out my vast number of playlists if you are in the mood to paint:) I will have a couple cardmaking videos and a vlog posting this week but I didn’t want my watercolor friends to think I abandoned them:) Hopefully I will return from my trip with lots of new watercolor inspiration and coastal scenes to paint! Today though we have a review of Rembrandt watercolors. There were a great deal on Amazon recently and I grabbed a set, unfortunately they are now almost double the price so if you are interested I’d just keep an eye on them to see if they drop. Here is the video review.

Here are a couple paintings I did with these paints:


I have been painting with my new set of Rembrandt watercolor for a couple of weeks and I am really enjoying them. They are high quality watercolors (with high price to go with them usually) but when I saw a good deal on them I decided to try them.

The paints are available in tubes and pans. I am reviewing the 48 half pan set. You can also get a 12 half pan set and a 24 half pan set. *Note, the half pan sets are usually cheapest at amazon but if you want to refill the pans you will likely get a better price at Jerry’s Artarama, Blick or Cheap Joes.

vibrant colors
26 single pigments *out of 48 set
Wonderful for glazing, colors stay bright and luminous
Nice palette included, no sharp edges

The price has been jacked up on the 48 set since I reviewed it and list price is $510!?!
Two of the reds in the 48 set are very samey (they even use the same mixed pigments) and I found them rather dull, I would much rather have a Quin rose than the carmine or scarlet

This paint is quickly becoming a favorite and if you can try it at a reasonable price (not the crazy list price) I would recommend it. I have also used rembrandt in the tubes and find the quality of that excellent as well. The company who makes Rembrandt also makes a fantastic student line called VanGogh and it is one of the best student paints and I recommend them if the Rembrandt paints are not in your budget.  I hope you found this review helpful and til next time happy crafting!



9 Responses

  1. The paintings are beautiful Lindsay. I never knew they did that before with prices. Grr.


  2. Right now, at Amazon they are priced at $243. The only thing is you have to wait until July to get them. I went a head and ordered them. They will be here just in time for vacation. They have to come from Japan.


  3. Great review and I want to try that peach! I first found your site a month or two ago when I was looking at Sennelier paints. Your review was great and helped me to decide. I also checked out those tiny prima ones that you reviewed.They seemed like a fun one to take when we go for a weekend. I like them, but I LOVE the Sennelier! I am a true beginner, but have really spent a lot of time this last couple of months painting. The Sennelier are just a joy to paint with. These Remembrandts look beautiful too, but I am set on paint now. Enjoying your course also.


  4. Your paintings are beautiful. I haven’t had time to watch but I will, soon. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Wow, I must have come in under the wire because I just ordered from Amazon about 1 1/2 weeks ago and got the $134 price. I debated for a day or so but when I saw the same exact 48 Rembrandt paint set was $376 at DickBlick (sale price) & $501 (list price), I had to get it. I am so glad I did now that the price has almost doubled, I know I could have gone without this, but since they are pan watercolors they will last a long, long time and they are so worth it I love the selection of colors. Thanks Lindsay you are a doll and saving me money.


  6. So if anyone wants them cheaper – try They will take a while to arrive from the UK but they will ship free to the US and total for the 48 pan set is $111.26. I’ve used them before for Winsor and Newton paints because they are cheaper there.


  7. Thanks for the comparison Lindsay…will have to watch for a sale!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  8. […] Source: Rembrandt Watercolor Review & Programming Notes! […]


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