Live Free Rose Painting Class Today! 12:30pm ET

Hi friends! I had some time yesterday to plan today’s live stream and this is what I came up with:


I really enjoyed painting this one although I am not thrilled with the 3 pale leaves in the upper right corner so I think I will leave them out, we can always free-hand them in later (so if you are tracing the pattern you can leave those out.) I think it is a wonderful lesson to learn how to capture the soft, smooth, velvety texture of rose petals by building luminous glazes. It is really a kinda advanced technique but as always I will break it down so even beginners can understand and I always make my replays available so you can work at your own pace and come back later if needed:) Below if the photo we will work from.

Pink roses

You can watch the live stream or replay in the player below but if you want to chat live with other painters or ask me questions as we go you will need to watch at 12:30 today on youtube.

Supplies (*Compensated affiliate links used. I earn a small commission on sales made via my links, it helps keep my tutorials free on YouTube without costing you a penny more, thank you for your support:)

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I hope you join me for a free live painting class today and if you love the friday live lesson please share with a friend! there are handy sharing links at the bottom of this post, you can pin it on Pinterest, share it on Facebook or even Tweet it! With all of the depressing stuff on social media these days let’s share something happy and fun! I’ll see you live at 12:30pm ET today, til then happy crafting!


3 Responses

  1. Rembrandts … sigh. I already know I won’t be able to resist! I have their soft pastels and they are nice and the box is really high-qualtity, not the kind that tears soon.

    I read online the smaller sets have a lot of cadmiun paints … which are opaque. I am looking forward to seeing how they are in a few hours!

    I actually like the leaves on the top right because they are out of focus and bring the front roses more forward. I’m trying to think of how to get that fuzzy look without making them look lighter.

    I agree we need more fun things and less “news” these days … and what could be better than watching your videos!


  2. Hello!! Love your work! I am a beginner and really want to learn to incorporate delicate flowers using watercolor pencils around a script word like “Love”. Then also have above it in text “God is” or something like that. PLEASE HELP!! 😉 Thank you!!!!


  3. Love you videos thank you so much for sharing your talent! Really want to try this one. Being able to paint a rose is a dream of mine. We will have to see how I go. Have a great day.


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