My Craft Room Declutter: One Month Later

Hi friends! I wanted to do an update on how my space is suiting me one month after completing the Konmari method in my craft room. If you missed the big decluttering video you can find it here. I used the process outlined in the book The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up by Marie Kondo. For whatever reason it contained the secret sauce to help me get my act together.

Watch the video to see what I think about the process one month later.

The Craft Room Clean Up video was my most popular video last month so I figured you might be interested in how I am keeping up with it and if I have an regrets about the things I got rid of. The konmari method is explained in the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up”, it is a quick read or listen:) I also found the follow up book “Spark Joy” to be helpful too because she follows up with the techniques in the first book.

I think this method of picking each item up and asking “does this spark joy?” was simple and that is why it worked for me. This is not a book on minimalism, everyone has their own “right” amount of possessions that feels good to them. You do you. I think the most epic thing I learned from the books was to “store things at the store” as I tend to be a “just in case” type of shopper and I tend to buy duplicates “in case” I lose the first one. The cool thing about having a space where everything has a place is that you don’t lose things so you don’r need duplicates! I’m still not getting rid of my 42 pairs of scissors steps LOL:) Have you tried the konmari method or have any awesome decluttering or storage tips to share? Share your tips in the comments below! Til next time happy crafting!


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  1. Geeeee maybe you could come and help me. Mine is a disaster. LOL


    • I have a craft room that is now a hoarders room. I used to be a stampin up demonstrator plus belong to a card club once a month with a $25.00 limit. Now I just find a spot either on the floor or in the of something. I don’t even know where to begin!!!! Help me!!!!!!! Lori t


      • Just start somewhere:) If things are already stored like with like you can pull out all of one type of supply, like ribbon, and go through that, then hit paper, stamps, paint etc. If stuff is randomly organized you should start by sorting into categories but if you see stuff you know you wont use, don’t like anymore or is trash you can toss those things as you go into donate and trash bins. Set a timer for 30 minutes and if you want to keep going after that do but if you don’t take a break. You will get there, it took me a month!


      • If you have a family member or friend who will come and help-ask them! My sister helped me. She did NOT tell me what to keep or give away, she just was there to motivate me. I found it is easier to clean if you are not alone. Also, it is your stuff; do not feel guilty if you choose to sell stuff rather than donate. Use the money to buy good storage solutions. (Before I get yelled at- I am all for donating and donate stuff all the time. Do not take my comment as a “you must get money from your stuff”)


  2. My place always looks cluttered because it is really small. I do not have duplicates of anything. It’s pretty easy for me to get rid of things that I no longer want. Generally, I will try to Freecycle things first. If that doesn’t work, I donate them. If that doesn’t work, I just toss them. The only time I have duplicates is when I’m buying food or supplements; and, only when there is a special deal like buy one and get one free.

    Ever since I was in my teens, I have lived by this rule: Eat it up, where it out, make it do; or, do without.

    It has served me well over the years.

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  3. It all sounds great except the grocery part. I like to have lots of groceries on hand as I too hate shopping. Once a month I take a lust and try to project what I will need. It involves loose meal planning and constant surveillance of what I have but it works for me. My craft room is another story. I am frugal there but I do hate to get rid of stuff. I always think there will be a use for everything so I hang on to it. Thanks for giving me the encouragement to declutter and a way to do it. Really enjoy your videos. Thanks.


  4. I’m in the process of reading that book, and it has helped, especially asking myself if an item brings me joy (whether it’s craft related, clothing, kitchen stuff, whatever). I’ve gotten rid of a lot (donate or toss), but have more to go. I find I do best at this when I have the right mindset. Some days it will just hit me that stuff “has to go”, so I get right to it, and that’s when I do my best at moving stuff out.

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  5. I disagree w “store at the store”.
    When I need something, there is often no time to search it out and/or wait for shipping.
    I like having a back up on hand.


  6. What always keeps me from NOT ending up with more than I can handle are the SALES. I can’t resist them! I at LEAST have to take a block of expensive watercolor paper home with me, knowing I saved the 20% they advertised with to lure me into the shop.

    Of course I’m aware of the fact I’m still paying the leftover 80% but I can’t help it. At least I noticed Arches paper got more and more expensive the last years so maybe it’s an “investment”!


    • it has! I just bought some on a crazy deal that I shared on my blog a couple months ago (ten 22-30″ sheets for $27 and no it is going for $85!) I’m glad I grabbed a pack!


  7. Bravo, bravo, bravo! I have managed to keep my space pretty organized since I got it all in order. I did read the book, but that is not the whole thing that helped me. It was having to move everything in order to put in a new floor. So, it took 2 kicks in the butt to get me going. Lack of physical clutter helps keep the mind clutter free too!


  8. Wow that looks wonderful, it obviously is working very well for you. The vertical paper storage is one thing that to me makes the biggest difference. Love your alcohol and water color pen storage system. Can they still be purchased and the same question for the purple drawer set. Great execuation😍


  9. You are so right Gigi…I had to downsize because of a move to a 1 bedroom apartment from a 3 bedroom hoe and studio. Still have a lot but nice and organized…ready for another go through as time allows! Thanks for the encouragement to STAY organized Lindsay!
    Paper Hugs,


  10. Lindsay, The timing of your clean up video is incredible as I am cleaning out my small art studio alcove off of my living room. Since this is where I spend most of my time and we are having floors redone (yippie) in the house. So as I clean out my stuff and pack it up to move it temporarily this speaks to me. I am already finding things I forgot I ordered (the shame) but its like a second Christmas. When I put everything back I will have it on open shelves and visible and also labeled so that when I do order in the future I will be able to check so I don’t order more than I need. Thanks so much for your fantastic videos I absolutely love you.


  11. Great minds think alike I guess it’s true! 🙂

    I followed your link and bought the book. I’m in the mindset these days where I think by george, it just might work! I have had a lot going on these days. A lot of things changing. So I wanted to stop by and drop you a note so you don’t think I forgot one of the very first Artists I sub’d to when I first started watching Youtubers. I still try to catch your live show but to be honest I just don’t care for Sarah that much and I don’t want to say anything to hurt either of you so I don’t watch live. I watch the recordings when I can though. You are extremely talented Lindsay and I will continue to watch you grow and prosper.

    OH! I don’t know if you follow Tim Gagnon, he’s from Maine as well. Anyway, he’s coming near my town around my B-Day and I’m hoping hubby will get the hint and I’ll get to take his class. Either acrylic or Oils I wouldn’t care which cuz I think he’s the tree painting God! LOL!! I’ll let you go I’ve rambled on way too long. Have a great day and Happy Crafting to you as well my friend.
    Big Hugs!!


  12. My motto was always ” if I have a place to put it, I can keep it”. That has made me one of the best organizers ever!! But there is a limit. Now I want to be brutally honest with myself, “how MUCH joy does this give me?” If you can do it, Lindsay, so can I. Thank you 😊.


    • Laurel, I like your motto and would like to adopt it. However, my whole apartment is tiny. I don’t have many places to put things. I had to downsize a lot. I barely have room for furniture; but, I have decided that I like to create more than I need big pieces of furniture.


  13. Hi Lindsey thanks for sharing your video. I read her first book and found it helpful to change some habits.
    Your husband’s pot with the holes init is for steaming. You could put broccoli in it over another pot that you could boil other veg in or a stock to impart flavour.
    I have one from a beautiful set of lots that is hardly ever used.


  14. Hi Lindsay. Decluttered my garage and found heaps of tools and forgotten projects! Best thing i did? A shadow board on the wall for everything. Side benefit is now my wife can find the tool she wants as well, and she thinks i am a genius! Keep up the tutorials- i try and do every watercolour you do. Peter Australia


  15. Thanks, Lindsay…Every time I go into the craft room to “reorganize” my husband says I’m Marie-arranging (my name is Marie). Its needed so often it has a name now 🙂 Inspiring as always.

    On a side note, I think the insert with the holes in it in your husbands pot collection is a colander. They are designed to cook pasta in the pot with the insert. When the pasta is done, you pull out the insert and the water stays in the pot…so you don’t have to carry a pot of boiling water to the sink.


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