Let’s Pour Paint! Live 12:30pm Eastern Time

Hi friends, today we are going to have fun pouring paint, here is the play I had this morning:


I am working on a 12″x16″ block of Canson Monteval which is a fairy cheap paper. I don’t often do this technique or work in abstract so I didn’t want to worry about wasting expensive paper:) I used a reference photo from Graphicstock, if you want to download it I recommend signing up for the 7 day free trial here (so you have permission to download it and paint from it) and then after you are logged in you can find it here.  *Even if you only sign up for the free trial you still have the right to use the files you downloaded. I do recommend downloading a copy of the license just so you have it. I am such a nerd, I just reread the license agreement (yes I read those things!)


You can watch the live stream on YouTube or in the player below but if you want to chat with fellow painters or ask me questions during the broadcast be sure to watch on YouTube.

Supplies available from sponsor Jerry’s Artarama

  • Dr PH Martins Liquid watercolors *note, you can use regular watercolors, just have some small cups to make pour-able washes in. I used Turquise (pthalo blue) Quin Magenta, Gamboge and for the final stages Carbon Black (Yes, black, I am a wild woman today I tell you!)
  • Watercolor paper Canson Montval Block*I like to use inexpensive paper when experimenting!
  • Brushes: Mimik fax squirrel, also a 2″ hog fan and an old toothbrush
  • Other: Water buckets, paper towel, pipette or eye dropper (if you are not using paints that come with them)

I want to say a HUGE thank you…

…for helping make my online course Essential Tools & Techniques for Watercolor Painting a huge success! I am so honored that so many of you enrolled in the class and shraed it with friends! If you have not heard of it and want to check it out you can find it here and I have put it on sale for $39 for the month of May (It will be priced at $79 after that.)


I wish I had the ability to do gift certificates for the class with mother’s day coming up but if you did want to buy the class for your mom you could create an account and purchase the class and then give her the login credentials as a work around.  Be sure to use her email address so she will have an easy time to log in. My students are having a wonderful time in class, here are a couple of student testimonials:

“Absolutely loved this lesson. Great job Lindsay. I hear you say the same things in your videos but it is nice to have all the information about color mixing in one video by itself. Makes much better sense. I don’t feel so overwhelmed. Thanks.” -Emily Knight

“I am having so much fun with these lessons! Your explanations are easy to follow, and my samples are turning out ok. It’s so nice to just come to class whenever I can, and have the instructor right there beside me, don’t have to get dressed, drive to town, etc. Painting in jammies! Love it!” -Diane Murray

“Lindsay, I really hope you keep these watercolor tutorials coming! I can’t wait for your next class! I learned so much!” -Terri Honz

And there are more! If you would like to join the hundreds of other watercolor painters who are enjoying the essential techniques found in this class click here to enroll today!

I hope to see you pouring paint at 12:30pm ET today! Til then Happy Crafting!

12 thoughts on “Let’s Pour Paint! Live 12:30pm Eastern Time

  1. Hi Lindsay…your instructions to create an account for my friend who does not order on-line worked great!!! We are now both signed up for your Watercolor class!!!! Thanks so much!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  2. That was great, thanks. I’ve seen these types of paintings, but was a bit intimidated. Now I think I may try!


  3. I really enjoyed today’s tutorial. This one is so different from the usual look of a watercolour I know it’s on my Must Try list.Thanks for another great lesson, Lindsay!


  4. Hi Lynsey, Just a quick message to say i have just this minute enrolled in your course. I am looking forward to learning. There is just one thing i thought i would mention when i paid via paypal it then told me it had added another £7 nearly 8 british pounds to the bill, this on checking was value added tax. Please could you add to the course cost page the fact that thr cost of the course doesn’t include any purchase tax so that it doesn’t come as a shock! being on a small pension i would have had to think twice if i had known the extra i would have been charged. Now i have to rob peter to pay paul!!! Sorry but this is a fact of life and there must be others out there with a similar problem. Take care Liz Sent from my iPad



    1. Hi Liz, I will make a note of that. We don’t have that in the states so I was not aware of that, so sorry for the expense.


  5. Hi Lindsay,
    I miss time, and probably talent, to follow each of your splendid tutorials. Nevertheless, I hope it will change.
    You’re deeply great, don’t change ! 🙂


  6. Lindsay, my son purchased the watercolor course as a Mother’s Day gift for me last night…but I had already purchased it myself. 😦
    Could you please refund his payment. He used my email and name, Marci Zinn, dmzinn@live.com. He used his card ending in 5594. I was so grateful…and felt so bad! I purchased it a few days ago, but his purchase was last night, May 13th. Please let me know if you get this and if we need to do anything.
    Thank you so much,
    Marci Zinn.
    dmzinn@live.com (BaxtersMommaMarci)


    1. Hi Marci,I have refunded it, it might take a few days to show up on his account but he should be all set:) What a sweet gesture though:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Lindsay! I felt so bad, because it was so nice of him! But he gave me a gift card for Michaels instead…so we’re all good! Lol! Thank you again…and sorry for the confusion!


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