LIVE Today! Let’s Paint a Ruffly Parrot Tulip & My New Watercolor Course!

EDIT: Here is the finished painting from today’s live stream, I think it is one of my favorites!


Hi friends! It has been an exciting couple of hours here in the Frugalcrafter family! I just launched my first watercolor course called Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor Painters and it is getting an amazing response! More on that later. First up let’s talk about today’s free live painting class at 12:30pm Eastern Time on YouTube! We are painting a beautiful, ruffled parrot tulip! tulip-1978165_640.png

You can download a printable PDF pattern here or sketch it from the photo above. You can watch the free live painting tutorial, or the replay, in the player below but if you want to chat with other painters live or ask me watercolor questions during the show be sure to watch on the YouTube watch page.


Now on to my exciting news!!!!


For years blog and YouTube subscribers have asked me to create a watercolor class. I wanted to distill the essential techniques every watercolor painter should know down into a course with easy digestible chunks. I wanted to provide information on the tools and supplies so you get what you need without getting overwhelmed with all the options out there, and I wanted to give practical techniques to practice and perfect so that you could go forth and paint whatever your heart desires.


I also wanted to show you how to apply the techniques you learned so I created three paintings that you can follow along with and put your new skills into action.


This class is self paced and you have lifetime access to the content. The lessons are broken up into manageable chunks so you won’t be overwhelmed.


I also wanted to simplify color mixing using a split-primary palette so you can avoid the mud when you want brilliant colors and create interesting neutrals and shadows when you need to.


Last week as I was wrapping up my filming I asked you “What would you like to see in a watercolor course?” and I carefully reviewed your thoughtful answers and I am proud to say that I think I covered almost everything!

blog_iris2 - Copy

I would be honored if you took a moment to check out my class and let me know what you think. My goal is to start watercolor beginners off on the right foot and fill in the gaps for more experienced painters who feel unsure about some of the foundations.

If you like the idea of learning watercolor painting at a relaxed pace from the comfort of your home please check out Essential Tools & Techniques for Watercolor Painting. I taught this curriculum as an 8 week course in my studio with success. Students paid $180 for the class in person and I always had a waiting list! I am offering this online class to my subscribers for $39 (Regular $79) during the month of May.

Most of all I want to thank you for the support and encouragement you have given me over the years and the confidence to create this course. You are the best! I hope you can join me live at 12:30pm Eastern Time on YouTube to paint this fun flower! Til then Happy Crafting & Painting!

26 thoughts on “LIVE Today! Let’s Paint a Ruffly Parrot Tulip & My New Watercolor Course!

  1. I’ve already started your new class and it is excellent! I’m not a complete beginner but I’ve already learned something new. Thank you!!

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  2. I am excited about taking your water color class, but need to know if I can watch the classes any time? We will be traveling some of May, so want to watch when we return home if that is possible. THANKS, Rhonda

    On Fri, May 5, 2017 at 9:38 AM, Thefrugalcrafter’s Weblog wrote:

    > thefrugalcrafter posted: “Hi friends! It has been an exciting couple of > hours here in the Frugalcrafter family! I just launched my first watercolor > course called Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor Painters and it > is getting an amazing response! More on that later. First” >


    1. Yes, you can watch anytime at your own pace so you can take advantage of the deal this month and take as long as you like in the class:) You can repeat it as much as you like too!


  3. Done and Done! I am so excited you’ve done this. Everything I’ve done I’ve learned from you! Thank you Lindsay! Oh and I’d be totally humbled if you’d follow me on Twitter @blewis02 😁



  4. I’m so excited about this course. It’s just what I needed. I’ve enrolled and can’t wait to start.


  5. imissis today ,wii watch to catch up but i do have 2 questions, how do i access your log,and what is teachbe and do i need it? windyrus@msn,com. tank you


    1. Teachable is simply the platform where I Launch my school, it is a online classroom. You can sign up for a free account and then you log in to take the classes you bought just like signing up at any website:) It will keep your place in class, it is really slick and easy to navigate too!


  6. You accept only credit cards and not money orders? I would like to take your class, but I don’t have a credit card nor a debt card. That is why I asked.


    1. Hi Linda, I use the secure Teachable payment platform which accepts visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. I suppose you could get a prepaid visa card (it is like a gift card you can load with cash and most stores sell them) instead of a money order and use that:)


  7. I’ve heard you mention to email you to purchase a painting of yours. Can you remind me what that email is for future. I’m sure I’ve missed out on this tulip. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I’d have loved that colorfull owl you did but I’m holding out for a print, if you get around to those.

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  8. I have a question re: parrot tulip painting. I have all kinds of red paints, alizaron, perm red, crimson a quin magenta, and an opera rose. What I don’t have is quin rose. Would a quin magenta or the opera rose work for this parrot tulip?


    1. Go for the quin magenta as it is more lightfast than opera rose. If that looks too pink you can use crimson as they are all cool reds.:)


  9. I asked a question about substituting a color here and I don’t see any question anymore. Did it get deleted? Was it inappropriate to ask that kind of question here? 😦


    1. Not at all:) That was a great question, i think it was the first time you commented here and first comments need to be approved manually by me to avoid spam bot from leaving spam. All your post should show up immediately now, I left a reply under your question:)


  10. Glad you put a link for your new class right on your homepage. I did bookmark it, but this is even easier, thanks!!! Should be fun. I want to try this first, though, love it….I need more hours in the day, 24 are not enough!!!!!

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