Mixed Media Mess {what to do when a painting goes wrong!}

Hi friends! This painting started out OK but soon was a frustrating mess. Instead of tossing a painting when it hits the hot mess stage why not persevere? After all you’ve got nothing to lose!


I had a reader ask about negative painting techniques and that is what I started to do here but struggled with the watercolors I used and realized that I did not pick the best supplies for that technique. Rather than force my paint and paper to do something it didn’t want I chose to let go of expectations and just play. Even grown up artists need to play and like I said, what have you got to lose? Grab those mixed media supplies you have been collection and give new life to a bummer of a painting!

Productpalooza! I must say it is strangely satisfying to grab those supplies that “I HAD to have” but rarely get used and give them a workout. If you are curious about any of the stuff I used on this piece I have linked them below. Affiliate links used.

This was kinda crazy at times, I thought it might be fun to see how I get out of trouble in a painting LOL:) This painting took 45 minutes in real-time, you could probably do it faster if you set out to do a mixed media piece from the beginning. I wanted to share some info from viewers of this video on YouTube, I asked them about Prismacolor Pencils, they have been so cheap on Amazon lately and I was considering getting a set but I had heard the quality had gone downhill. I have, and love, prismacolors but mine are all older and I was thinking of replenishing my set. The results were hot and cold, I have 11 viewers say they recently bought Prismacolors and they were great and 5 said they were very disappointed and 2 people said they seemed less pigmented than the older versions. I am not sure what to think, but I wanted to pass that on to you and if you have recent Prismacolor pencils and want to let us know what you think leave a comment:)

I also wanted to mention that if you make a bad watercolor you can always cut it up and make bookmarks or gesso over it and use it for pastel, acrylics or oils too! There is no need to cry over a failed attempt, we succeed or we learn! Have a great night and til next time happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. I’m curious as to what others have to say about the Prismacolor pencils as well now! I’ve recently gotten mine out again (they’re pretty old) and was considering buying more to round out my collection.


  2. I loved it! It was great fun to watch you save the day. Way to go!


  3. Wow, that was fun to watch! So many different types of media, I would have no idea what to do at each phase. Turned out very pretty!


  4. I have a large set of Prismacolor pencils that I got less than a year ago. I am very happy with them, the colors are brilliant and they go down easily on the paper, they are soft and creamy. Some are a bit off center but I have been using an electric sharpener and that has been working very well. I have some very old Prismacolor pencils as well, and while they are a bit nicer, I would say the current pencils are still very nice.

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  5. It can be fun–I have taken at least 8 beginner pics and washed them under running water, spreading them out to dry, cutting or tearing them, seeing them as a new pic and reworking them as cards or other things–they turn out very cool.

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  6. Abracadabra!


  7. A hot mess that is now HOT! I love it.


  8. Very interesting to watch the video! I want to start watercolouring and this video shows alot of inspirations and how to’s. It ended up a beautiful painting!


  9. Great job on pushing through. Great lesson that everyone has pieces they aren’t happy with and you could have easily thrown it away and not shared this valuable lesson. Thanks for keeping it real.


  10. If I am unhappy with a painting I use my gift tag punch and make gift tags from it.


  11. Looks lovely, love lupins 😊


  12. thank you for being so real even you oh great one i say with a loving tone lol can do poorly and you know what your doing it makes me feel better about my attempts at my messes…thanks for caring so much and sharing so much of your knowledge ….you remain my favorite


  13. I really like this painting. It was fun and inspiring to see you push through your frustration. Thanks.


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