Easy Peony Flower Painting & Viviva Colorsheet Review!

Hi friends! Today I have a new product review and a tutorial. We will paint a peony flower and learn about Viviva Colorsheets, a new watercolor that comes in a paper booklet.


I recommend using a paper with a good amount of sizing, these watercolors work well on cellulose watercolor paper like Starthmore Visual Journal.

Pros: Very transparent color, convenient to carry (compact), bright concentrated color (a little goes a long way), I really like this for coloring stamped images for cardmaking

Cons: Dye based color may fade easily, limited amount of color on the sheets (vs tubes or pans) might not be the best value for large studio work

Bottom line, these a bright and fun, they can be slipped into a bag or sketchbook for travel. I like them for small sketches or cardmaking. You can find out more about these watercolors here. Happy crafting!


12 Responses

  1. Really pretty! I’m saving this to watch later. Love your tutorials!


  2. The Peony painting is beautiful Lindsay!


  3. Can i do the painting with watercolour pencils?


  4. Beautiful painting. Question, though. Have you ever used the peerless watercolors? If so, what is the difference between the two?


  5. This painting is beautiful. Your’s always turn out nice. Thanks for sharing.


  6. WOW Amazingly beautiful I watch the video I would love to support his products but unfortunately I can’t afford to no income coming in if only I could afford I would paint my heart out with amazing colors thank you so much for sharing I that I can afford these some day have a bless day


  7. Lindsay I have a quick question, what proportion of liquid watercolor to water do you use to make sprays? You mentioned recently that you make your own but no amounts. Love your videos! Thanks


  8. I STILL don>t know how to get the picture on the inertnet. I would love to print out thie picture. Please can someone tell me the steps i must take to print it ou? thank youl…..I love this picture..Penny


    • I don’t have a pattern for this sketch, I just drew it lightly in my sketchbook, sorry:( I usually provide patterns on the friday live streams only


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