Lovely, Easy & Frugal: Chalk Cards {Stamp School!)

Hi friends! If you have some chalk in your craft stash I encourage you to try this tutorial!


You are going to want decorator chalks (they come individually or in a palette like eye-shadow) or chalk pastels, not chalkboard chalk for this technique. You will also need something to apply the chalk with, I used daubers from Darice but I also like to use small white pon-poms, Q-tips or even make-up sponges. If you have tried something else that works let me know in the comments!

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Directions for applying chalks:
1. Stamp image with Versamark ink.
2. Dab on chalk with a sponge, pom-pom or q-tip
3. Rub with applicator to set. You can wipe off excess chalk with a tissue.

You can also use this technique with mica powder too, simply brush it over the clear stamped image with a soft brush and the shiny stuff will stick to the wet ink and leave a pretty shimmy design, it works best on black cardstock. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. It’s nice to use the older technique with your stash that you forget to use. Thanks Lindsay you rock


  2. I’ve been hesitant to use chalks. Looks fun! Thank you


  3. I love your cards! Both of them are awesome. Great techniques to try. Thanks!


  4. Great idea, Lindsay. It never occurred to me to use chalk.


  5. Love mixing up the chalk and inks. Have to try this. Thank you for leaving your mistakes in and then showing us ways to “fix” them. I have done that so often….and the comment about the perfect front of a card and then smudging or getting the back dirty is my muse. Btw, Oriental Trading Company has great foamy squares and when they have free shipping it’s totally worth it.


  6. Just tried this out Lindsay and I love the result. Thanks for the tutorial.


  7. Hi Lindsay, would this technique work with chalky pastels?


  8. I LOVE those powdered chalks! You could use chalk pastels put through a spice/coffee grinder too! I keep a grinder just for crafts & it comes in REALLY handy!


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