Pretty Spring Collages!

Hi friends! Today we are going to decoupage some canvasses for spring/summer decor!


Some calendars are too pretty to throw away and I came across this pretty one I got at the dollar tree a couple years ago when I was cleaning my craft room. I added some mulberry paper, vellum and paint to make two 16″x20″ canvasses to hang on either side of my mirror over my fireplace. Watch the video for full step by step instructions!


1. Cover canvas with mulberry paper using matte mod podge (wrap excess paper to the back for a finished edge.
2. Adhere vellum/tissue and then adhere cut-out shapes with mod podge.
3. Let dry.
4. Apply rose paint mixed with mod podge to make a glaze to the edges of the canvas. Repeat with brown and black to make it look antique.
5. Add screw eyes and water to the back of the canvas frame and hang on the wall!


Video sponsored by LAVA Soap! Visit the LAVA Soap website for money saving coupons and to find a store near you! Thanks for watching! If you have any ideas of what I should put on my mantle to go with the collages let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


20 Responses

  1. Love your ideas. Butterflies and a birdcage would be lovely next to them on the mantle.


  2. Those are very pretty! I would for sure put a birdcage on your mantle to go with them although I have to say I’m not sure what – if anything – you should put in the birdcages. It seems my ideas of decorating may be a bit antiquated as my first thought was putting some fake rose and cream flowers in them. However, I’m thinking that fake flowers probably aren’t the ‘thing’ nowadays! Although … I do see Michaels advertising them quite a bit! Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be lovely and I hope you post pictures!


  3. That’s so pretty! I think I’d add a vase with silk flowers, the same kind as on the picture. And maybe a silver antique-looking candlestick or two or Easter eggs in the same colors as in the picture. The soft colors are beautiful.

    I also have to say I love your hair and make-up! So cheery and fun!

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  4. Love your collage and butterflies are my favorite. Where did you get the big sheets or mulberry paper? I think you need to use one of your birdcages you have in your craft room on your mantle with the collage. Nice and ware in Tennessee but the pollen is working on my allergies.

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  5. That was so fun to watch! Feel so inspired. Hope you take a picture of these on your mantle when you get them settled and a sunny day! Thank you for all your artistic talent and inspiration.


  6. Have a lilac bush? They are the best! Fill a nice vase with their fragrant blooms and stick in a few butterflies on semi rigid wire. Voila!!


  7. Such a neat idea!


  8. Nice, Lindsey! Love the soft colors. How about a moss topiary of some sort on your mantel?


  9. I saw nice little bird cages in Walmart in the plant area a while ago…that would be nice…I think…could put small plant or candle in it.


  10. So pretty.. Great idea


  11. Add one or two kerosene lanterns to your mantle.


  12. Soooo beautiful!


  13. These are gorgeous. I have been saving a vintage Coca Cola calendar with barns, etc. that might look great done like this. Couldn’t bear to part with the great pictures.


  14. Hi Lindsey, Loved this project but wondered about the mulberry paper.It looks so different online than in your video. In your video it seems very thin like tissue paper. Can you clarify for me? Love your videos so so much.


  15. These are absolutely stunning! I love them! I’ve never done this sort of thing before but I’d love to try it. I have a question…do you have to seal this after you’re finished? These are going to look beautiful on your wall!


  16. Definitely a fun thing to do. You can also use paper napkins. There are so many beautiful designs around.


  17. I really like this idea!
    I do not have any mulberry paper and had to look it up online to see what it is. Seems a bit expensive for paper. Do you have other suggestions for pretreating the canvases for use in this method?



  18. Awesome to know Lava will get rid of that nasty peeling and “tacky/sticky” feeling from the mod podge and matte medium! I HATE that feeling, and am reluctant to use the products b/c of it. I already have Lava in the house, and never thought to use it for that! I’m seeing more mixed media in my future! Thanks, Lindsay and Lava!


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