5 Fast & Fun Ways to Dress-Up an Envelope!

Hi friends! This project is for days when you are high on creative desire but short on time! I’ll show you 5 ways to fancify your correspondence with limited supplies!


And please share the fabulous ways YOU have to decorate envelopes in the comments below, we’d love to learn from each other!


Watch the video to learn how! Each techniques takes less than 5 minutes and I think I can spend an extra 5 minutes to make someone smile, that is a great investment IMHO:)

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Follow the directions in the video to make you very own envelope mail art!

Quick Ideas:
1. Draw a ribbon banner and write the address in the ribbons!
2. Place a strip of masking tape down and splatter paint over it. Remove the tape and write in the box left behind.
3. Stamp around a piece of masking tape or post it note.
4. Create a scene on the bottom of your envelope.
5. Use frames or container stamps to make a spot for writing addresses.
6. Use colored hot glue, embossing powder or sealing wax to make an envelope seal! The hot wax won’t hurt your stamp but I recommend inking it up with pigment ink or glycerin first so it doesn’t stick.

I hope you enjoyed this fun and quick tutorial! Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

9 thoughts on “5 Fast & Fun Ways to Dress-Up an Envelope!

  1. Cute ideas! I love sealing wax. First started using it in the 60’s. Beware the postal service though. If you are mailing using sealing wax or other “bumpy things” inside your envelope, your recipient may end up with a “postage due” stamp as well. 🙂


  2. I have occasionally used the same or similar stamp on the envelope as is on the card. I have added washi tape if it coordinates well with the theme and color combo’s on the card. And…If I am doing a watercolor background, I will add a swipe of color (or colors) on the envelope, or create a swatch to write the address on. (With thinner paper, use a scrap of cereal box under to absorb the extra water and keep the color from bleeding through where you don’t want it) One of these days, I am going to buy one of the “paint swatch” stamps to use!!!


  3. Your envelope dec ideas are fab!!! I copied & put them into my AOL folder! You rock. I just usually don’t comment. Sorry-so many fab ideas come from your site!


  4. Perfect timing as April in National Card and Letter Writing Month! Now go write a letter and/or make a card and decorate the envelop to add more cheer!


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