LIVE! Poppy in Pastel 12:30pm ET

Hi friends! Today at 12:30pm Eastern time we are going to do something different! A poppy in pastels.


This is our reference photo:


It has been a while since I have don anything in pastel so I thought why not? You can watch the live stream or the replay in the player below but if you want to chat live you will want to watch on YouTube.

Supplies can be found at Jerry’s Artarama!

This will be a pretty quick and easy tutorial and I hope you can stop by and paint or chat! See you at 12:30pm Eastern time! Happy crafting!

PS I have a playlist of poppy painting tutorials with tutorials in watercolor, oils, acrylics, watercolor crayons and pastels if you prefer to paint it in a different medium:)


2 Responses

  1. I’m looking forward to this! I love poppies. Now I get it why you put all those poppy videos on Twitter!

    I’m glad you are feeling well again.


  2. I did enjoy this poppy. I love poppies and this is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


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