Bunnies in Watercolor LIVE 12:30pm ET Today!

Hi friends! Thank you for voting yesterday to help me decide on this weeks live tutorial! You picked these sweet bunnies as our subject.



The totals were really close though so I plan to create recorded tutorials of the other sweet animals as well, how could I not? You can watch the live tutorial (or the replay) in the player below but if you want to chat with us live and ask questions as we go be sure to watch on the YouTube watch page at 12:30pm ET today.

Supplies available from our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama

I hope to see you at 12:30pm on YouTube for this fun paint along! Til then Happy Crafting!


8 Responses

  1. Lovely, my favorite so far this year.


  2. I’m so amazed how soft and cuddly they turned out! I never painted animals before (only birds) and have no idea how to deal with the fur. MIne would look like skinned rabbits. Maybe I could give it a try after watching the video!

    BTW, I had to grin when Sarah commented on NOT getting bunny rabbits as pets for Easter … when I came to Germany first time as a kid people had rabbits fattening them up for Christmas! I was HORRIFIED! Pigeon soup wasn’t uncommon either and I was quite disturbed about sitting down to meals. In my eyes you never knew if the next meal would be a roasted cat!

    Every now and then I seem to have an „artistic block“ and don’t touch a brush or a pen for what seems like ages, mostly during Summer Vacations. Then when classes begin again I feel quite anxious because I’m not sure if I can FORCE myself to get started again and then find out to my surprise I’ve somehow changed my style in the meantime and made progress. I guess I spent the time observing more and putting in a break meant quitting bad habits enabling me to reboot.

    I hope that’s what you are going through now too! It’s quite refreshing, kind of like de-cluttering in a mental way. Good Luck!


  3. This bunny painting is amazing and I hope to try it this weekend, I also have to try the light house picture as well…you make it look so easy and I love that you show color mixing so we know what amount of color and water is needed…thanks for all you do


  4. Love the bunnies!!! Thank you.


  5. I LOVED ❤ the vidieo and I haven't done watercolours for YEARS so this is a must try. (What kind of white pencil (crayon?) were you using to add the "fluff"? Great picture……frame it… worth your efforts.


  6. I love the watercolor pieces, but have a question about the anti static powder, or tool that people use when embossing. Are they really necessary? Can we sprinkle some baby powder or something else down in it’s place


    • yes, you can use baby powder or cornstatch. I recommend putting some in a small sock and using a rubber band to close the sock then pounce away!


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