Paint a Lighthouse LIVE with me today at 12:30pm ET!

Edit: Here is the finished painting from Today’s live lesson:


Hi friends! We will paint a coastal landscape live at 12:30 pm eastern time on YouTube today! Here is the reference photo:


You can download a printable pattern here. We will be using masking fluid so make sure to apply the fluid and let it dry completely before painting along. Here you can see where to apply the fluid so it masks out the whitecaps and seaspray.


You can watch the live show or replay in the player below but if you want to chat live during the broadcast you need to watch on the YouTube watch page.

Supplies available from our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama!

ALSO!!! All classes at Craftsy under $20 this weekend!  Purchasing ANY class via my special discount link helps support the free tutorials I post on my blog and YouTube channel and I thank you for the support!

I hope to see you during the live show! Happy crafting!

9 Responses

  1. Howdy do,

    This is a long message.

    Thank you, Lindsay, for all you do to further the education of aspiring artists. Your YouTube videos are a never miss for me.

    A year ago I volunteered to watercolor a painting of property my sister and her husband lost through an unethical lawsuit. The last time I painted a watercolor was in elementary school with Crayola paints! (I am now 67 year old.) After I opened my big mouth I realized that I didn’t know anything about how to create an artistic portrait of the property. So, in addition to books I purchased over many years, I turned to you, Steve Mitchell, and Angela Fehr on YouTube.

    My belief is to never buy inferior materials, so I began with Sue Sheewe 185# watercolor paper and Winsor & Newton professional watercolors.

    The painting had to remain no larger than 10″ x 12″ and be a compliation of 6 or more photos.

    The painting was well received (it was not very good), but the encouragement prompted me to keep watching YouTube and gain more painting education.

    Now I have completed 3 house portraits and a watercolor of my 25- year-old son’s vintage Mustang that he displayed in my living room. Those were all gifts. In addition, I have received a commission for another house portrait that resulted from the second house portrait.

    Thank you again. You, Steve Mitchell, and Angel Fehr are all responsible for my modest success.

    If I can figure out how to do it, I will send photos of my work.

    Cathie Fitch

    P.S. I often wonder with all you do, when you sleep!


  2. Love your blog and video’s i didn’t see the “Live” one today, darn! I didn’t get the message until now because i was watching so many of your video’s this morning then i practiced! I practiced yesterday too!! Watercolors, i used to be able to draw and paint but had a brain tumor years ago and just sort of avoided doing it because i lost my perspective, LOL can’t draw a straight line can’t walk one either for that matter lol!! I forget how i found your videos but you have been an inspiration! I do weave, rug hook, sew, and i am a knit aholic make cards with Stampin up stuff but i have missed painting. I love your advice and energy and happiness I have learned so much! Yesterday i painted flowers, today birds.. I can’t wait to try more. Thank you so much for being you!!


  3. Oh goodie you have the sketch for us too!! You are toooooo awesome!


  4. Absolutely stunning work. LOVE it. Thank you so much for everything you do to help us. ~ Cobs. x


  5. I love this painting!
    I hate fiddling around with masking fluid but this painting could make me give it another try …. the atmosphere wouldn’t be the same without the waves and the spray!
    You say you don’t feel creative lately but one would never know it judging by your paintings.You can’t imagine how often the last weeks I’ve been thinking: “Now THIS is by far her BEST painting EVER!”


  6. Your choice of image made me smile. I used it 3 semesters ago in a Art class collage assignment using 100’s of bits from magazines and paint swatches. The trick was to match the value of the hue, not necessarily the color. Then we took b&w pics to see how well we did. Fun!


    • I use that trick to check if my paintings really look three-dimensional! It helps finding out if I need some really dark patches somewhere or highlights. Without I’d just have a hazy feeling of “Something’s missing” without knowing what exactly ……
      I also started copying architecture from old sepia postcards and using the craziest colors (my art teacher is wondering if I have eye problems …) but in the end a black-and-white snapshot reveals the tonal values were all fine so I guess maybe I wasn’t all that bad! It IS fun, isn’t it?


  7. I love how this one turned out. You are such an inspiration, Lindsay! I can’t wait for my busy time at work to be over so I can spend more time being creative… and start your craftsy class! Thanks for all you do!!


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