Schmincke Akademie Watercolor Review

Hi friends! Today I have a review of Schmincke Akademie watercolor. They are student grade paint made in Germany. They are hard to find in America (Thank you Dave in Munich for sending these to me for review) but can be purchased affordably in Europe. I have had many requests to review these paints so here goes….


Video review!

Schmincke Akademie is a student grade watercolor that can be found in 24 colors. I am reviewing the 12 color set.


  • Price: Around $25-$40 where available, about half the price of Schmincke’s artist grade Horadam colors
  • Paints uses the same tried and true pigments you expect from quality paint.
  • Nice lightfastness.
  • Clean vibrant colors
  • Good mixing ability
  • Glazes well (2 layers)


  • The tin these came in had raw edges that were sharp as opposed to rolled edges found in most paint tins, not suitable for children.
  • I found the colors to wear down quickly, after a couple small paintings I had noticeable “wells” in the paint pans.
  • If applied thickly or in too many layers it will tend to streak or dry with glossy spots. *a common trait with student paints, par for the course.

Bottom line:
These are a lovely student grade set on par with Cotman, Grumbacher Academy and Van Gogh just be aware that the 12 pan tin might be sharp. I have seen this set packaged in a tin holding 24 colors (room for 12 more) so that might be a better idea for a child or clumsy adult (like me LOL!) I hope you found this review useful and til next time happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. Thank you for this review. I was thinking of getting these, but as I too am clumsy will go for the larger tin that won’t cut me to shreds!!


    • Be careful, I just wrote a comment my large Schmincke tin is just like Lindsay’s … I was just lucky I never cut myself. I think I’m going to cover the edges with tape or try to dab nail polish over the edges. My Sennelier tin is much nicer, maybe you can buy an empty Senneiler tin.


      • I bought a tin from Meeden on amazon that holds 48 half pans for $13 and the edges were rolled and lovely, unfortunately I have already filled it, I should have bought 2 LOL!


        • Thanks! They are also far cheaper than the Schmincke tins too!

          I don’t dare to check my W&N 24 pan tin yet ….. I’m still shocked such an expensive company like Schmincke has been selling these tins for YEARS. I used to rinse my tin under the tap after every watercolor lesson (you know beginners ….) and could have cut myself up badly.

          The only time I ever injured myself handling my painting stuff was when I bought a rigger and accidentally stabbed my finger with it before I rinsed the starch (or whatever it was dipped into) off. It was like a NEEDLE. Painting can be more dangerous than you expect!


  2. Very useful. Think about buying these for my grandkids. Thank you😘


  3. I am SO thankful you pointed out the Schmincke tins are dangerous! I was about to tell you I have a 24-full pan tin (the same as the 48-half pan tin) since before 1999 and it must be better quality because I never cut myself. Actually, I was about to buy an empty tin the same size as yours for a few Daniel Smith paints but now I’m thinking twice because I checked my Schmincke tin and discovered I was just LUCKY because it IS like a razor blade just where you showed us!

    Now I know the edges are sharp I’ll be careful …. you never expect things like that before something happens! In fact, if I ever dare to buy a metal tin again I will check it first … lucky my Sennelier tin isn’t like that at ALL!


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