Colorful Palm Trees!

Hi friends! First of all I want to remind anyone who has not signed up for a chance to win the FabArt brush set I blogged about last week to go sign up because I will pick a winner tomorrow night! I also want to remind you of the importance of taking a little time for yourself every day to create! Drawing is a great option because you don’t need a lot of stuff and you can do it anywhere and on any budget. If you want to get fancy use colored pencils, pens and watercolor. Your materials are not going to make you a better artist but the practice of drawing will so grab some paper and get going:)


I did a little sketching on vacation and one of my favorites was a colored pencils and watercolor sketch of a palm tree. I recreated it in this real-time video for you. Feel free to sketch or paint along!


Tip! Try sketching with the pencils on wet and dry paper! BTW I painted a mermaid on the opposite page of the journal, if you would like to see a demo of that you can on YouTube. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

*Please note that affiliate links were used in this post directing you to deals that would work for this project, it does not cost you any extra to buy via my discount links but I do earn a small commission on the things you buy, thank you for your support:)



8 Responses

  1. Beautiful ! wish I was talented and could draw or paint!


  2. That is a gorgeous palm tree! I love how you combined the two mediums. And I just followed you on Instagram after you mentioned the trio color pencil.
    I’m now a fan of your nature scenic paintings and sketches, Lindsay, they are absolutely stunning! Especially the Bright Beautiful Sunflowers ❤ You are truly blessed to have so many talents.


  3. Thanks for the different ideas you provide daily. My husband enjoys watching your blogs with me !!! As soon as he hears your introduction, he says ” I know who that is !”. Keep up with your enthusiasm. Mary C.


  4. You have the best tutorials! I just watched the one for diy sequins again. Genius. I would love to win the twelve brush set. Thanks.


  5. Love the palms! And most of all your statement “take the fear away, in art, and that’s when the magic happens!” ! Both are going to be finding their way into my journals! Thanks!


  6. Beautiful as always! I wanted to mention to your fellow crafters that I had purchased some crayola markers that I am very happy with. I color them on to a white plastic dollar store plate and then paint with them. I purchased them at Joanne fabric and even used a coupon so I think I paid around 3.00. I even called Crayola and mentioned to them that they should market these for adults who like to watercolor. I had wanted to buy the Jane Davenport markers but they were out of stock at Michaels. So I ended up buying the crayola set. Just thought I would pass this along.


  7. Please do a tutorial of the pastel houses. I love all of them but really want to try those houses.


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