Please don’t be “crabby” with me…

Hi friends! What a week! Between snow storms (and snow days) it was hard to get my bearings but I was so happy it was Friday so I could do a live painting show. I was really looking forward to it since the last two Fridays I was away. I didn’t have time to blog about the live broadcast this morning which was probably just as well because I had to restart the show due to a computer glitch.  I’ts one of those days LOL! Here is what we painted:


Here is a replay of the unglitchy show. Big thanks to everyone who found me live today because I certainly did not make it easy.

Supplies can be fund at our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama:

Turner watercolors *the 18 set I am using is on sale for $19.99! Colors: Perm Scarlet, New Gamboge, Turq Blue, Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ocher


The Langton Prestige Watercolor Paper

Mimik Brushes

Reference Photo

pattern to trace

In hindsight I think I liked the crab better without the background so feel free to leave it out if you wish. I am always happy to take one for the team:) Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

10 thoughts on “Please don’t be “crabby” with me…

    1. Neither did I!
      I sat in front of the TV waiting for it to start though …. it started later but it was worth it. I saw the picture of the crab on instagram so I knew something was supposed to happen ….


  1. We had two snow days in St. John’s Newfoundland CA as well this week , same storms I think. Missed this today as I finally got out of he house so I will be glad to watch it at a later date. Thanks for sharing your creativity!


  2. Fun painting. I couldn’t believe how bright it was until i saw the reference photo. I really wanted to paint birds until I saw your most recent sea creature paintings. Thanks you for sharing your talent with us.

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  3. Hi Lindsay. I watched it live this morning and when you put the background in, I thought it was amazing that such a busy painting could still take more. I like the background. I think he’s quite jazzy; I love him!


  4. Lindsay, I’m going to try your crab without the background. I took hundreds of pictures when we went to the Galápagos Islands ten years ago. They are Sally light foot crabs. I’m so glad to get a chance to paint one because our computer ate my pictures🤔 Oh, I found the Maxine’s mops on Amazon and bought one real cheap. Thank you and Sarah for all the sunshine you bring into our homes! Priscilla


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