Fun with Chinese Brush Painting Supplies!

Hi friends! I got a chance to play with some new supplies yesterday!


Today we will use the supplies in this months Smart Art kit to paint a seagull and a rose. We will experiment with these supplies and have fun! Watch the video to see my first experiments!

Supplies are all found in the February box from our sponsor Smart Art Box:

  • Chinese paint brushes
  • Ink pens
  • Rice paper
  • Walnut ink

Bonus: This kit comes with a reusable “Buddha Board” for practicing your brush lettering, Sumi-e painting or Chinese brush art.

Please note that it take a lot of practice to become good in the art of Chinese brush painting and I am no expert but it was fun using these supplies! I hope you try something new today and if you would like to find the kit I used check out our sponsor Smart Art! Happy crafting!


5 Responses

  1. Very cool!


  2. Hi Lindsay,

    I have been dabbling with Chinese inks too…you should try some Gyotaku. I do like the walnut ink and I can confirm for you, after much research, that you do use the shiny side of the rice paper.


  3. Loving that SmartArt box!!!! I get the artsnacks monthly subscription and me thinks I’d rather get the SmartArt instead. I found a book at a thrift shop for Beginner Chinese Brush painting and bought it. In the step by step pictures they make it look easy, well…. not so much!!! Thanks for sharing!!! ((((HUGS))))


  4. I love the look of Chinese brush painting, but I have never tried it myself. I think your bird came out quite nice.

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  5. I have never tried it but I am intrigued by what I saw. I might just give it a go


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