What is the Difference between Artist & Craft Quality Supplies?

Ever wonder what the difference is between art and craft supplies? Watch the video to find out!

I think that it’s great to shave so many options at different prices, but it is also important you get what you are paying for. Below I will break down when I mentioned in the video and you can decide for yourself what is best for you:)

Artist quality

  • Artist quality supplies are generally made in house by the brand itself. Research and production is handled by the company. This expertise yields top quality products but the overhead makes them more expensive.
  • Also the fine art market is much smaller than the craft market so they have fewer customers to sell to.
  • Most of the countries that product most fine art supplies have stricter laws regarding emissions and other business practices including fair wages and benefits for workers thus making the product cost more. Many fine art products are manufactured in Europe or USA.
  • This quality control and sustainable business practice translates to you being able to replace a tube of paint reliably when it runs out.

Craft supplies

  • Are generally made for craft companies by 3rd party manufactures, often in China, so they can produce a quick to sell product that is on trend. This allows them to get a product to market quickly and efficiently without having to invest in research and development or a factory. The manufacturing facility can make product to their specs and even package them with their branding. This is why sometimes you see several companies come out with nearly identical product in the craft world.
  • Usually refills are not available for these products (but you can always refill with artist quality) and when a trend is over or a products sales decline they stop selling the product and move on to the next thing.
  • These products are priced to sell quickly, often the quality is nice for the price but contain more extenders and fillers as compared to artist quality BUT since they sell to a much bigger customer base you might find you get a better quality for dollar as they do not need as much markup as the artists quality brands need to make.

I don’t think one method is better or worse, pick the product that meets your needs and budget because the one good thing is that there are plenty of options out there! Let me know what YOU think in the comments below! Happy crafting:)