How I pack & Ship Watercolor Paintings

Hi friends! I whipped up this quick tutorial on how I package and ship the watercolor paintings I sell. I ship via USPS.


Watch the video to see how!


  • Bubble mailer (if smaller than 10″x14″) or sheets of corrugated cardboard (I save this from paper and frames I order online as they come packed in large flat cartons)
  • Mate board or chipboard
  • Clear self sealing bag (polypropylene)
  • Other: Craft knife, tape, permanent marker (for addressing the package)

1. Cut mat board to same size as painting and place painting face down on mat board.

2. Slide into a plastic sleeve and seal closed. If the bag is larger than the painting fold over the excess and secure with tape so the painting and mat board do not slide around.

3. Slide in a bubble mailer. Seal the mailer and re-enforce the flap with tape.Write “do not bend” in a red permanent marker and address with a fine tip black permanent marker to make sure the ink will not smudge if the package gets wet.

Expect to pay about $4 to mail a painting up to 10″x15″ First Class within the US. It cost me $9.50 to send it from USA to Canada. Overseas will cost more so be sure to factor in postage when you quote shipping costs. Also allow time to fill out customs forms if mailing overseas.

If you are mailing a larger watercolor you can make a flat carton with 2 equal sheets of corrugated cardboard 2″ larger than the painting. Slide the panting in the bag and then place in your cardboard flat. I like to use fun patterened duct tape to attach the sheets of cardboard together to forma flat envelope for mailing. The additional cardboard is not needed in the bag as the box will be rigid.

You can also roll the painting up and mail it in a mailing tube but it does make it more difficult to frame for the buyer. It is a totally appropriate method for shipping art though:)

I hope you found this helpful and til next time happy crafting!