Unboxing Supplies from the UK!

Today I am going to open a box of supplies that I received from fellow YouTuber The Spin Doctor and create with whatever is in the box!


I hope you enjoy this fun impromptu unboxing and demo!

It was fun to try out stuff I have not used before and things that are harder to find here.  I had not seen the Tinted Charcoal or Prolene Plus brushes before and many of the Winsor & Newton paints he sent were discontinued so you can get them anymore. You can get the Pental waterbrushes (Blitsy affiliate link)  in the states tho but I have never tried them and I think they are nice for the simple fact that the bellies of the brush are larger, softer and easy to squeese so if you have trouble with other waterbrushes these might be for you. Thanks Rich for the goodies! Happy crafting!



5 Responses

  1. I love you, but first of all, I have no interest in politics. However, I object to USA $ being spent in other countries when we have millions of people unemployed at home. These items are all available in the USA. Why promote England, flag and all, when Americans are starving because of lack of employment in the USA?


  2. I tried out several brands of waterbrushes and Pentel Aquash are my favorite, although I must say their flats aren’t as nice as the rounds. Pentel waterbrushes never seem to wear off either, as least not that much that they need to be replaced after years. I think they are easy to handle (not too dry and not too wet) and easy to refill.
    Schmincke has Prussian Green too, one of my favorite greens. It’s a mix of PG 7 and PB 60 so you could mix it yourself if you have to.
    I’m interested in those Derwent tinted charcoals ….. I wonder if the pigments are safe or not.


  3. I loved seeing these supplies and really enjoyed watching you work them.Thank you so much.


  4. Serdeczności , ciekawy , blog piekne obrazy. zapraszam


  5. Always enjoy watching you play!


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