Stamping Without Ink! {Stamp School}

Hi friends! Sometimes our crafting plans change mid project. When I began this stamping session I had planned to make a bunch of Project Life type cards so I could quickly scrapbook my vacation when I got back but the creative muse had other plans….


Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, and that is just what I did.  Watch the video to see how fun it is to stamp with water-soluble crayons/pastels and markers and how to salvage supplies you pre-cut for one project to make them work with another.

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  • Stamps: Japanese Marine #2
  • Media: water-soluble oil pastels (or crayons) Waterbased markers
  • White and cream cardstock
  • Patterned paper (Tim Coffee Travel Specialty paper pack from K&Co)
  • Scissors
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Waterbrush or small brush and water

1. Spritz stamp with water and color the rubber with water-soluble crayons or markers. Stamp on white cardstock and spread areas of ink with a wet brush. Cut images out.

2. Trim patterned paper and stamp on the paper if you want, you can also flick and spatter any paint on the paper if you like.

3. Assemble paper and stamped images on card base. Stamp accent on envelopes if desired.

I love how this card (like many other of my cards and scrapbook pages) uses paper as an embellishment. I love finding scrapbook paper that has lots of elements than can be cut apart and used to decorate. It keeps postage cost down, it is easy to store and if you can find papers that are from the same line they all coordinate so it can take some of the guesswork out. So, the next time you find a project going awry, don’t fret, just go with it and see what happens! Happy crafting!


7 Responses

  1. Really love both of these cards. Thanks for the techniques using the oil pastels.


  2. I love the colors and the stamps! Every time I see these stamps I think I should REALLY buy them too but I don’t have ink in the right colors for them. But I have a large tin of watersoluble oil pastels! Actually, I think ink would make them look too precise, I prefer the washy look you get this way.
    Thanks a lot!
    I’m curious … what did you PLAN to do with those stamps?


  3. Really Pretty technique. I love Stamping. I just havent completely mastered it yet! lol =) but I will eventually.


  4. Hi, Yesterday you posted a cute card with a fairy on a swing….You highlighted it and I went there but couldn’t find it.  It showed other fairys  but not that one….it had stones and flowers, etc.  I’d love to make it!


  5. Always learn some new fun thing in stamp school! Great project and great tip for using the oil pastels. Thanks


  6. That’s a great card, and Art Neko sure has some killer stamps. You always work wonders in all of your projects and I appreciate all your videos. I learn sooooooo much from watching.


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