Winsor & Newton Watercolor Review!

Hi friends! Please excuse my brain cramp yesterday, I can’t believe I blogged the same project twice and t never occurred to me until I was scrolling through my blog looking for something this morning. Sorry about that. Today I have a paint review for you, one that has been requested a lot! Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolors. These are the paints I used on the barn owl painting on Friday.

In this watercolor paint review we will look at Winsor & Newton Artist watercolors vs their Cotman range and also compare them to other artist quality watercolors.

I am reviewing the 24 color halfpan set I purchased on Amazon for $87

Strong pigmentation of colors
Most single pigment colors
Good flow
re-wets easily
Paint does not bead up on metal palette
Available worldwide

Weak earth tones
Can be very expensive (I bought them because I got a deal, this set retails for about $212)

Bottom Line, these are lovely paint and probably the most famous watercolor brand. They are nice but there are other cheaper brands on the market that are just as good though. I hope you found this review helpful and til next time happy crafting!

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