Let’s Paint a Weeping Angel Statue @ 12:30pm ET, Today LIVE!

Hi Friends! Today at 12:30pm Eastern Time on YouTube we are going to draw and paint a lovely (and maybe a bit scary for all you Doctor WHO fans out there) weeping angel statue.  There is no pattern because we will sketch it together! Yay!



You can watch the live show or the replay in the player below but if you want to chat and ask me questions as we paint be sure to watch on the YouTube watch page at 12:30pm ET and if you are on a tablet make sure to not have it in full screen mode (or turn your device to portrait mode) so you can see the chat.

Supplies are available from our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama! *They are currently having a BOGO on many of my favorite brushes including the Mimik synthetic Squirrel brushes! Check it out!

Watercolors: I am using M Graham as many people have been asking about them lately:

140# CP (cold pressed) Watercolor Paper

Brushes: Mimik Synthetic Squirrel (I recommend the value pack set of 8)

Also, you will want a pencil, soft white eraser (we are sketching!) 2 water buckets and paper towels.

ALSO the 20% off discount for Lifebook 2017 has been extended through the end of January! Use coupon code: FIREWORKS2017 to save 20% off a year of classes an inspiration, find out more here. I just finished up filming my first class for the year long workshop, it will air in March, here is a picture of the finished page.


There are 23 other wonderful mixed media artists sharing their secrets too so I hope you have a look at what Lifebook 2017 has to offer and I thank you for your support. 🙂

Get your supplies ready and we will see you at 12:30 ET for some painting fun! Til then Happy Crafting!

14 Responses

  1. Count me in! I was able to convert so many friends and family to Doctor Who just from watching “Blink”! Love that episode! (And the 10th Doctor IS “My Doctor”! Who is your Doctor?? 😀


    • Although 10 in a charmer I like the 9th, he is a bit rough around the edges but he was the first doctor to hook me on the series.


    • They say your first is your favorite, which is the other Peter (Davison). I agree with Sarah about Clara,though in 5’s time, Adric was another I was not fond of. I also agree with Lindsay about Donna – she was one of the best companions ever. Wish there had been more Captain Jack!


  2. Wish I could join in but I have a sick 4 year old who just needs cuddles and quiet! Hope to watch later though! TFS!
    BTW: Who was the lucky winner of the GLoves in a Bottle giveaway! Hoping it is me because my cracked and bloody hands need some help! TIA!




  4. Thanks Lindsay. That was fun.

    Sent from my iPad



  5. Loved the video today, one day I hope to be able to paint/draw hair like that, wow. I used to watch Dr Who from behind our sofa, in the 60’s/70’s, still feel my skin crawl when I hear ‘exterminate, exterminate’ Loving Lifebook 2017. Just started lesson one, was so cowardly but now having so much fun! I thought your eye was beautiful, in my humble opinion. Thank you for giving me a new fun and creative approach to art! ❤


  6. Very fun tutorial. Lindsay fans can you help me participate in the live chat? I watch live on YouTube on my IPad, I have it in portrait position and not in full screen mode, but still no chat shows up. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Janine


  7. Gorgeous!!! Oh I’m such a fan of Doctor Who but your Weeping Angel looks beautiful, not scary. 😆


  8. Hi Lyndsay and hopefully other FURGAL fans I’m not sure if they can see what I post so I will post this on FB as well. I am so super frustrated with an issue I have been having sense tou started you live streams. I can not no matter what I do get the sketch to print. I’m not a very good drawer most time the papers either come out blank or have a few super faint lines here and there. I have an HP photo smart printer with a new ink cartridge and it prints other items perfectly. I’m really hopeing someone out there maybe had this printer and could tell me what it is I’m doing wrong. I love to paint and would just love to do the paint and pastel rusty truck you did I have try ed to draw it but I got so frustrated I gave up. I would be appreciative of any help or surest ions. Thanks in advance


  9. I just love everything you do and thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful talents. This mixed media painting/pencil just might be my favorite, or until you do something else, then that will be my new favorite. Lol


  10. Lindsay, I want to start off by saying you are such a huge inspiration to me. A year ago I discovered adult coloring books, and from there ventured into other areas of art. I’m especially fond of watercolors. The advice you give with both your tutorial and review videos and blog are invaluable to me. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful information with us. I couldn’t find where to email you or just post a general comment, so I’m commenting a question unrelated on this post (sorry for the high jack). I have student quality watercolors, Windsor and newton cottman sketchers pallets (12 colors), Koi pocket travel palette (24 colors), Grumbacher academy 10 tubes, set, I have more, but you get the idea, they are all in that $30 dollar price range. I’m looking to upgrade and spend a little more money on better paints. I’ve heard advice that when you want to upgrade from student paint it is best to just go ahead and buy artist quality paint. Unfortunately like us all, I am on a very tight budget. I was wondering if there was an in between range that I could explore given my budget restrictions or good quality artist paints that are budget friendly. I feel like there are good quality student paints that are affordable, but once you want to take that leap into artist quality you are gonna just have to suck it up and pay out, please tell me this isn’t so. I would love any advice you have for an artist on a penny budget looking to live the high life. Also, I do prefer pans to tubes, maybe that it because I’m still a novice. Thank you!


    • Hi Priscella,
      Here is my advice…as you use up a color buy a tube of artist grade. The student paints you have are very nice, there is no need to search for a inbetween set. Paint with these and when you use up ultramarine blue buy a tube of that. Also on amazon they have a set of 6 5ml tubes of daniel smith (called the essential set I think) that you can get for under $30 that is a great split primary mixing set, you could grab that because those are color you are most likely to use up first in your student sets. It is not so hard on the walett if you buy a tube at a time. Also check out the Turner line at Jerrys artarama, they have a set of 18 5ml colors you can get for under $30 and they are professional quality, not as good as Daniel smith but not bad.


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