Let’s Paint a Pretty Bird & Q&A

Hi friends! You might have noticed if you follow me on YouTube and Facebook that I have been doing surprise live streams. I will continue to do my Friday at 12:30pm ET stream with Sarah as long as I am not traveling so don’t worry, those are here to stay but I also like popping in live when I have time to paint and chat.I decided to make the replay available after the live stream for everyone to see, I save questions til the end so if you want to hear them you can or you can stop watching when the tutorial is over. I hope this is helpful!


I am using the new Jane Davenport Watercolors from American Crafts! Grab whatever watercolors you have and join me for a fun time!


  • watercolors
  • 140# watercolor paper (Cold Pressed)
  • White Gel Pen(Uniball Signo is my fave)
  • Reference photo

Want more inspiration?


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Don’t forget we have our regular live stream tomorrow at 12:30pm ET, hope to see you there and til then happy crafting!

4 Responses

  1. I love when you do live paintings. I have been panting for a year and am improving and love it. I retired and this is my bucket list and I do love it. Thanks for reaching! I appreciate it. I have been using dry cake pan water colors and really love the colors. I need to try pans. Patty b.


  2. Amazing! and fun. I love your video’s and your work. Thank you!


  3. I love the colors! I think this bird looks even better than the first one.
    I hope you will be showing us how you did the pineapples ones of these days …. all those wonderful colors. It looks like you just picked up various markers and thought: “Maybe a bit of this … and then some of that ….” until you had to stop because it was time for lunch. So loose and vibrant!

    I know the saying: “All Good Things come to an End” but I hope your videos will go on forever! You are not only an amazing artist but also a wonderful person, fun to listen to and watch. Have a nice day!


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