Sketch like the Old Masters!

Hi friends! A fun way to learn how to draw is to copy the drawing of the old masters. Trying out someone else’s style can help you develop your own!


This is a time-lapse, if you want real-time drawing tutorials let me know in the comments, meanwhile enjoy this quick video!

I am using the supplies that came in my Smart Art Box, it is so fun to challenge myself to use the supplies in the box each month! They also deliver to many countries. I also wanted to mention if you don’t like subscription boxes because you are afraid you will already have the stuff in the box they also sell past boxes (while supplies last) so you can buy a kit you are sure to use!

Canson Sketchbook
Creatacolor Artist Pencils (black, sepia, white)
Creatacolor NERO Charcoal sticks and pencils
Artist chamois
(Eraser if desired-does not come in kit)

Old Masters Drawings I copied:
Pietro Berrettini- Study of a Young Woman (real-time 10 minutes)
Jean-Baptiste Greuze – Head of a Girl (real-time 11 minutes)
Peter Paul Rubens-Portrait of Susanna Fourment (real-time 16 minutes)

Let me know if you would like real-time drawing tutorials! I would be happy to film some:) Here are close-ups of the drawings I did in the video:

sketch3 sketch2 sketch1

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Sponsored by Smart Art Box

20 Responses

  1. Real time tutorials would be very nice!

    PS. U r such a true gem – we’re so very fortunate to hv u sharing ur skills and talents with us. 💕


  2. I would love some tutorials on this. Scretching has always been difficult for me. I am just about to start your watercolor tutorials. I bought paint and brushes today,😀But as I said I certainly would watch and benefit greatly learning from you.


  3. Would love real time drawing tutorials!! Thanks for sharing the contents of your Smart Art Box!!


  4. Another vote for a real time sketch tutorial! Thank you!


  5. What a great idea! these are lovely, I shall have a go.


  6. Real time faces, people or animal drawings would be great.


  7. Love these!!! Yes, PLEASE do real time drawings, especially faces. Would love some quick lessons (and I need many on building perspective)! Can you recommend a good and “worth-the-money” book(s). Please and thank you so so much for all you do!


  8. Yes please, tutorials. Do you have any for purchase already done? Can you share the link to your classes, again, sorry?


  9. Ok go down to the bottom of page click on blue frugalcrafter, then down just a little bit on the left click on lifebook 2017




  10. These are beautiful and I agree with everyone else – real time is the best! By the way, I’m working on doing some painting of some of my horses I have drawn. A friend of mine is going to help teach me about painting so I don’t screw them up. They are ultimately going to my niece who has decided that she wants to decorate her bedroom in horses!


  11. Ditto on real time. Drawing is hard for me! TIA, Lindsay! Love all the help you continue to give!


  12. I have wanted to learn how to draw for a long time now…Would love you to give us some lessons and tips…It certainly doesn’t come natural to me…I need from very basic help and you do such a good job…Then we could all draw and watercolor our drawings
    thanks for sharing


  13. I would LOVE to see more real-time drawing tutorials! Your work is wonderful and very inspiring!


  14. Yes, please have a drawing video. You make it look so easy. You are so multi talented. Thanks for the inspiration.


  15. I look for your tutorials every day. These drawings Are great wish I was have as good as you


  16. Yes on real time videos. I have been trying to teach myself to draw and that would be very helpful. I forgot all about Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain. It’s a great book and I need to pull it out again. It’s a real confidence builder too!


  17. wonderful sketches


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