Loose Peony Painting for Beginners! Let’s have fun painting!

Hi friends! I took it easy work-wise last week, it was the funny time between Christmas and New Years Day when you just feel relaxed, lazy and are totally fine with it. One of those days I had a hankering to splash paint about and this was the result:


I also turned on the camera when I did it so here is a fun and loose beginner tutorial. It is also helpful for folks wanting to loosen up I think.


Grab your paint, paper and brushes and paint along!

  • Watercolor paint: Gamboge (warm yellow), permanent rose, Alizerain Crimson, Green gold, Prussian blue (LUKAS 1862 brand used)
  • 140# watercolor paper cold press
  • A variety of round brushes


I will have a full review on the LUKAS paints this weekend. So far I am liking them:) So, are you going to paint this? I hope you give it try! Happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. it is very beautiful- like the loose quality


  2. Oh Wow, Peonies are one of my favorites and your peony is So Fancy, Love it! ExCiTeD to try this one Lindsay! Yippee…Have a Wonderful day!


  3. Love your tutorials, but as a beginner I am confused by all the variety of color names assigned to different paint brands. Could you please provide the common color index # so that it would be easier to adapt any brand’s colors to a project? I would be sooooo greatful !


  4. Thanks Lindsay! Beautifully done. Great forms, loose background and splatters! I ♥ Peonies!


  5. I’m linking this off-the-cuff, “imaginative” peony painting!


  6. Lovely Lindsay. I most definitely will be taking a look at this video. Peonies are one of my favourite flowers! 🙂


  7. I like this painting! I like watercolor paintings of flowers anyway but this one is amazing because it’s detailed enough so you know which flower it is but still so loose everything seems to be alive and moving: the light, the flower and the background! I love the background too and I also admire how you just altered the leaf you didn’t feel comfortable with and changed it to something even better!


  8. So pretty! I love the tutorial. Ty for sharing!!! =)


  9. Thank you! I love it!


  10. Love it! Thank you for making these videos to follow along. I love them and they help my PTSD. (Disabled vet)


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