Loose Peony Painting for Beginners! Let’s have fun painting!

Hi friends! I took it easy work-wise last week, it was the funny time between Christmas and New Years Day when you just feel relaxed, lazy and are totally fine with it. One of those days I had a hankering to splash paint about and this was the result:


I also turned on the camera when I did it so here is a fun and loose beginner tutorial. It is also helpful for folks wanting to loosen up I think.


Grab your paint, paper and brushes and paint along!

  • Watercolor paint: Gamboge (warm yellow), permanent rose, Alizerain Crimson, Green gold, Prussian blue (LUKAS 1862 brand used)
  • 140# watercolor paper cold press
  • A variety of round brushes


I will have a full review on the LUKAS paints this weekend. So far I am liking them:) So, are you going to paint this? I hope you give it try! Happy crafting!

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