Loose Rose Demo and Watercolor Sketchbook Review

Hi friends! Today I am going to review the Daler Rowney watercolor sketchbook and Langton Prestige ATC freebies that came with the book.


Many people asked me to review the Daler Rowney watercolor sketchbook that I bought on sale for $12.99 at Jerry’s Artarama last week (and I just checked, it is still on sale!) I also reviewed the Langton Prestige watercolor paper ATCs and Robert Simmons White sable brush that came with the sketchbook. I will also show you how to paint a quick rose on both papers so you can compare.

Aquafine paper:
Pros: Affordable, thick, bright white paper
Cons: “tire track” texture, does not take scrubbing well, 100% cellulose

The Langton Prestige:
Pros: Beautiful well sized surface, 100% cotton, Colors remain bright, Price 12 sheet pads (9″x12″) are $10.29 at Jerrys, they are twice the price of the Aquafine but not bad in my opinion, infact after trying the Langton Prestige I went to investigate prices and they had a 10 pack of 22″x30 sheets on closeout for $32 making it even more economical than blocks or pads.

***Which brings me to a money saving tip, it is almost ALWAYS cheaper to buy the full sheet watercolor paper if you can store the paper or you don’t mind tearing the sheets down. You also have the versatility of cutting or tearing it to whatever size you like. I usually buy my paper this way when I see a great deal and I store it in a big flat box under my bed until I need it. Blocks are the most expensive way to buy paper, you pay for the convenience but again, if you don’t mind a bit of work you can make your own blocks with watever paper you like, tutorial here.
Cons: None

Bottom line on the paper: For pen and ink/wash or quick sketches the Aquafine paper in the sketchbook is fine but I personally would pick the Langton Prestige, the pads are about the same price but you get half as many sheets with the Langton Prestige. You can always save it for the projects you want to spend more time on. I like it as much as Arches and more than Fabriano Artistico.

I am so happy that they offered the ATC papers with the sketchbook because I found out about a new paper I like. I hope you find it helpful!

Robert Simmons “White sable” brush
Pros: price, synthetic, good paint, nice snap
Cons, does not hold a ton of water.
Bottom Line, a good value!

This is NOT sponsored, I purchased this with my own money and am linking to Jerry’s Artarama because that is where I bought it and they have the best price but you can shop where you choose:) However if you do shop you can let them know Lindsay The Frugal Crafter sent you! If you want tutorials on any of the sketches in the book or ATC cards let me know what ones and maybe I can make it happen:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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