Cheap Watercolor Poppy Painting!

Hi friends! I have taken a few days off for Christmas but I wanted to share the painting I did with the $5 set of watercolors I reviewed the other day.


I hope you use what you have and paint along!

I got this set of watercolors under the Phoenix Art label at Ocean State Job Lot for $5 recently. I was surprised at the quality of these and I want to use them for some gouache type paintings. I have heard they are the same as the LUKAS opaque set of watercolors at Jerry’s or the Artist Loft brand. I have also seen them compared to the Pelican watercolors but since I have not tried any of those brands I can’t say for sure. They remind me of the Grumbacher Deluxe set of opaque watercolors but honestly I liked these $5 paints better than the $47 Grumbachers but they were similar. They are a lot like a tempera cakes and I like how easily I can take out the pans, I plan on using this set in my children’s art classes, there is a lot of product in the pans as well and they seem to be very slow wearing. For $5 I am very pleased with them! If you see this set in your travels I recommend trying them out!

I wanted to remind you that you still have time to enter to win a set of knitting needles or brushes from Fab Art (winner drawn tomorrow) and stamps from ArtNeko (winner drawn Wednesday) so make sure you leave a comment on those blog posts for a chance to win! I hope you had a happy, safe and relaxing weekend. I had a wonderful Christmas with good food, folks and fun and today was a big ol’ hang around in jammies day. However you spent the weekend I hope it was lovely. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


10 Responses

  1. I have a question, I got a set of 73 watercolor pencils from derwent and when I opened it up I realized I had received 4 duplicates, so I’m wondering what I should do?


  2. Hoping my OSJL has these in it!


  3. I like this painting, I think everything in it is pretty!
    I wonder where these paints originally come from … they could be a kind of no-name brand but actually Grumbacher or any other popular brand.
    In German the term “watercolors” means watersoluble paints and could be tempera, gouache or even maybe acrylic paints. What is called watercolors in the States is called Aquarelle in German and is more transparent. Maybe there is a misunderstanding of some kind if they come from Germany, Switzerland or Austria.
    For me NOW is what Christmas is for me .. everybody is happy with their presents and there is still lots to eat and I can just lean back and enjoy it all. I kind of believe in The Twelve Days of Christmas! I hope you are also enjoying your Twelve Days of Christmas!


  4. Where can you buy this paint set online. Be great to take and
    Painting. Greeting cards. On the go with a water brush


  5. Beautiful work!


  6. Hi Lindsay,

    I’m also wondering about this inexpensive watercolor paint set. I true to get the name off your videos. Is it Premier Phoenix Art??? Also in VA we have Big Lots stores but I couldn’t tell if they have a crafts section, at least online. Guess I’ll have to check it out. Please let us know what that name is. And thank you for the frugal tip! As usual, your artwork is stunning!!! 👍👏👏👍❤ Ellen


  7. Enjoyed watching your video. Beautiful work 🙂


  8. Hi Lindsay, I did this one using my new – and frugal – watercolor pencils. They are a set of 24 Mont Matre that I got at Winners for $12.99 Cdn. It didn’t turn out as saturated in colour as yours but I like the pencils so it’s all good. I’ll do the painting with watercolour paints next.


  9. I think only a good artist like you could bring out masterpieces with cheap paint!


  10. Since I just got this email early this am and it says it’s not too early to enter to win Fabart brushes or knitting needles, I assume you haven’t picked a winner yet. I was originally going to request the brushes, but after watching the tutorial on the slippers, I decided I wanted to try the knitting needles. I know how to crochet a little but have never learned to knit.
    I love watching your tutorials. I’ve never known anyone who had so many artistic talents – oils, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, drawing, stamping, knitting, and who knows what else.
    Keep up the good work and have a Blessed 2017.


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