Gotta love cheap paint (if it’s good!)

Hi friends! I hope you are all having a stress free time if you are preparing for the holidays, I spent yesterday shopping which was fun and today cleaning (which was not) and I am so tired tonight! But it will be totally worth it when we host Christmas eve this year. We will have the live show tomorrow at 12:30pm Eastern time if you want to mark your calendar or “click the bell” on YouTube to be reminded of it and I am really looking forward to that! For now though, I want to share some wicked cheap paint I found! I bought this set of 24 watercolor tablets (plus one tube of white gouache and brush) for $5 at Ocean State Job Lot in Bangor last week. Let’s see how they perform!


I really liked this set and for $5 there is not a thing I can complain about, well, the brush was bad but the paint and palette was awesome! Here is what I like about the Phoenix Arts watercolor set:

  • Vivid colors
  • Semi opaque *you can make them more opaque by using the white)
  • Lifts well
  • Layers nicely
  • Great flow
  • Blends well

Watch for a poppy flower painting tutorial coming up in a day or two with these paints, they were so fun to use and a steal of a deal, I think I will snag some more up to give as gifts! Oh speaking of gifts the last HUGE sale of the year just went live on Craftsy, all classes are $19.99 or less so it is a great inexpensive last-minute gift for someone on your list (or yourself!)


Thank you for your support of Craftsy classes, I earn a  commission of any class you buy after clicking my special discount link and that keeps my Blog and YouTube tutorials free and I think you for your kind support!See you tomorrow for the LIVE Frugal Crafter holiday special, til then happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. Where is the bell on you tube?


  2. Very vivid colors! Glad you found a great deal.


  3. I was heading out to Ocean State Job Lot yesterday, and decided to pick up a set of these watercolors. Wow, they are fantastic, especially for only $5. They don’t say non toxic, so they probably are not suited for very young children, but they blend nicely (got a gorgeous grey from the ultramarine (?) blue and the orange in the bottom tray).

    The brush is not great, but after seeing your experience, before I started, I crimped the ferrule with my needle nose pliers. I did it a few times for each side, and I only had one of the hairs come loose.

    Thanks for letting us know about this.


  4. Fun video – thanks! That paint set is $26 on Amazon right now! And Ocean State Job Lots is only in the Northeast. Rats – but enjoyed the video!


  5. Wish there was an Ocean State Job near me! Would love to give these paints a try! Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!


  6. There is no Ocean State Job Lot here and I am not sure I will have any success finding these online. Could you compare them to the $5 sets at Michaels? (I just got the pearlescent set for Christmas but haven’t tried them. If the regular set is just as nice as this one, maybe I’ll invest in more.)


  7. Thank you Lindsay! I live in NY state, and googled Ocean State Job Lot. I found that I live between 2 of them – either one is about an hour away. We were let out of work early on the Friday before Christmas, so I took a ride… Found the paints and so much more! The “zen” jigsaw puzzles they had in the kids section were fantastic, the “zen” coloring books were fun, as was the desk calendar… and I bought a yoga mat for $5. It was a great way to de-stress. Thanks!!!


  8. Great video Lindsay. For anyone near an Ocean State Job Lot, they have a special thru at least Weds, buy $20 worth of Phoenix paint or Princeton brushes and get a “$10 Crazy Deal Gift Card”. These watercolors are included.
    You can use the gift cards on any non crazy deal future purchase, so it’s like getting them for half price.


  9. I Went to OTJL but only found water color sets in tubes of paints. Scary for a newbie – should I buy them or wait and see if (because of the holidays) need to be restocked? I’m in Southern NH.


  10. my OSJL only had the Phoenix water colors and oils in tubes….. I really would prefer the pallet style. Any ideas.. I’m on seacoast New Hampshire.


  11. hello, I love your crafting site! I’ve nominated you for a Bloggers Award…congrats! You can see it here.. You are sooo creative!!!


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