Iris in Watercolor Pencil Tutorial!

Today we are going to make a mixed media painting using the supplies that came in this month’s Smart Art Box.


Learn to draw and paint this iris flower in watercolor pencils by following along with today’s video!


This project is perfect for a beginner to watercolor pencils. Feel free to use the supplies you have on hand and even add watercolor paint to the mix if you want! If you would like to receive a box of supplies delivered to your door every month check out the subscription boxes from our sponsor Smart Art Box. A subscription also makes a great last-minute holiday gift! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

5 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay, 🙂
    BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing your many talents.
    Wishing you and your family a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY, HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS 2017.
    Take care.


  2. This is a beautiful painting. My neighbor gave me a big bunch of lilies to plant. I was so excited to have flowers in my yard. But when they grew, I had a beautiful bed of irises, not lilies! I was so excited because I love irises.


  3. Loved this Lindsay! That side loading for adding the shadow along the ruffled petals made such a fantastic difference. Thank you for sharing your time and many talents!


  4. Hi Lindsay…Another 10 star video. I am really enjoying the water color videos…your techniques are so helpful. I am working on a few last minute Christmas cards, using some Christmas scene stamps. I am learning about shading…Again thanks for all your great tutorials and tips and techniques…Merry Christmas…


  5. Hi Lindsay! I was referred to you by a Sherpette when I asked for info on use of watercolor pencils. I love iris and found this video which aided immensely. I still got too much water in a couple places, but overall I’m pleased with it. I love the way we can “mix ‘n match” the techniques using the pencils! Thank you!!! 🙂


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