Review: Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle Student Watercolors & Comparison to the Artist Line

Hi friends! I got a chance to play with the inexpensive student watercolors by Sennelier this week.


Let’s see how the new student grade Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle compares to the artist Sennelier Watercolors! I will also compare it to other student watercolors in the same price range.



  • Price: I paid $27.49 for the 24 color set with a palette at Jerry’s Artarama (retail price is $55)
  • Vivid transparent colors
  • Suitable for glazing
  • Color numbers match professional range (although colbalt blue and primary red do not seem the same as the pro number color)
  • Palette is lightweight and comfortable and the mixing area can be removed for cleaning or if you need more mixing space.
  • Paints preform exactly like the pro range (every watercolor brand seems to have a unique feel to them and these “feel” like Sennelier pro paints, if you like these you will like the pro versions as they behave the same)
    When painted side by side with the same colors of the artist line the colors are the same or only slightly different, for instance as the ultramarine dried I could see what looked like a bit of white filler separating out. I would not have noticed it if was not right next to the artist version.
  • These are as good if not better than other student brands I recommend in vibrancy (such as Van Gogh, Grumbacher academy, Cotman or Sonnett)
  • Lightfast info is on the box (but no pigment info) and they use the ASTM method: 16 colors are ASTM 1 (excellent lightfast), 3 colors are ASTM 2 (Very Good Lightfast) and 4 colored are ASTM n. r. (not rated)
  • These colors mix cleanly and would not hinder a beginner learning how watercolors work.


  • I can’t find pigment info on these paints. I could assume that the pigments match the color numbers BUT I am fairly certain that the cobalt blue is a mix and not pb28 and primary red shared a color code number with standard Alizerian crimson and it just does not look like PR83 to me. The box has lightfast ratings but not pigment info. That is really the only “con” for me.

Bottom line, go for it! I think these are decent paints and a great value. I recommend refilling the pans with Sennelier artist tube paint as they run out and you have a great start to watercolor success. Let me know if you have questions in the comments below. Fore more info on these paints check out the Sennelier website.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I purchased this set myself and these opinions are my own:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


3 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for your review. I am always wondering about student grade paints and your review is very helpful!!


  2. I finally received my Sennelier set from Jerry’s. Do you have a swatch chart you could share with the common names of the colors along with the numbers? I’m just learning and my only other water colors is a small travel set of Windsor Newtons. So far, I like the creaminess and vibrancy of Sennelier’s much better.


    • if it is the pro set the names and numbers are on the clear overlay, if it is the student set they are printed with swatches on the box. Pigment info is on the senellier website:)


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