LIVE! Loose & coloreful Sheep in Watercolor! 12:30pm Eastern Time Today!

Hi friends, here is what we painted live at 12:30pm today:


Here are the color studies:


You can download a PDF printable pattern here of the sketch for today’s tutorial. If you want to chat with us you will need to watch the video on the YouTube watch page but I will record it and the video will be available in the player below as well!

Supplies can be found at our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama:

Watercolors (Permanent Rose, Yellow Ochre, Pthalo Blue, Burnt Umber) Sennelier La Petit Aquarelle watercolor set of 24 

140# watercolor paper: Arches

Watercolor Brushes: Mimik Kolinski

Reference photo by Christine C at Paint my Photo


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My deepest thanks for purchasing any of my online classes, they help support my free tutorials on YouTube:)

See you on YouTube for this weeks live painting tutorial! Happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. Looks like a fun painting today!! I’ll be tuning in!!
    I love your Craftsy class! You are an awesome instructor… you bring all the fun elements of Mixed Media to the class, plus (best of all) your wonderful personality! I truly hope you are able to do more Craftsy classes, and yes, I’ve written to them asking for more! 😄 I hope the class is a great success for you in every aspect!!


  2. That’s an impressive painting! I must confess when I saw the first rough draft I thought “WOW! Expressionism!”. Eggnog? I was quite relieved when I later realized it was only a quick color sketch …
    I wish I could paint such tiny details like that and still stay loose!

    I’m still rummaging through websites about student grade paints to find out if those Senneliers are student grade or not. I think student grade paints usually have their own color charts with different names and numbers to keep them apart from the artist quality of the same brand. At least Winsor & Newton, Talens and Schmincke do that. I read the Sennelier website over and over again and wonder if the only difference between the two kinds of Sennelier you have is, the ones you used today contain (more) glycerin:

    I hope Sennelier will answer your mail soon. I would rather not buy the student grade just for the handy box if I already have the artist grade.


    • I just filmed the review, and I compared the paint side by side, there were a few colors that were the same in the sets I had and there were only small differences. Hopefull it will help. Usually watercolors contain glycerin to keep them from cracking.


  3. I Love sheep. Made me some cards with them for christmas.


  4. I really like your sheep painting. So colorful, rich and bright!


  5. Couldn’t download the PDF. I kept getting a combo of numbers and letters in a line.


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