Hey Foxy! {Beginner Real Time Watercolor Tutorial}

Hi friends! I had so much fun painting this sweet sleepy baby fox.


You can paint this too, I will even show you how to draw it! Feel free to pause the video if you want as you paint along, take as much time as you need. This was a really relaxing image to paint, I hope you enjoy it too.



  • 7″x11″ 140# watercolor paper (Fabriano Artistico)
  • Watercolor paints in Yellow Ochre, Venetian Red (PR101), Olive/SAP Green, Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Rose (Sennelier La Petit Aquarelle-from the 24 1/2 pan set) *Review coming soon!
  • Watercolor brushes (a variety of rounds mostly, I also used a dagger/sword and a 1/4″ “Maxine’s Mop” scrubber)
  • Reference photo

A couple of reminders!

I will be drawing a winner for the FabArt brush giveaway tomorrow (Thursday) and I will be drawing a winner for the Christmas Bundle on Friday so do be sure you pop over to those posts and leave a comment for a chance to win!

Happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. I am so excited about this! My granddaughter just asked me if I would paint her a fox. Although she wanted one wearing a pink jacket


  2. Hello, Can you please help me. I have tried everything to get into the preference photos. I have registered but can’t get connected. I never get my connection verification. Help Holly


  3. Great realistic little fox. Love it. My eight year old granddaughter and I painted frogs this afternoon. She painted hers for a gift for her Mom but got it wrapped before I could get a photo of it. Last week she painted hers cherries. She loves to watch your videos with me and then paint.


  4. Great painting. i like to hear the whats and whys of your process as you paint. Thanks for sharing so much information.


  5. Great little watercolour again Lindsay. I do like your real time videos – it helps when you walk us through the stages as you work.




  6. Reference photo un-downloable for us, only by you that have the account at pmp-art.com……


  7. I love this painting! Thank you for your detailed and clear instruction.


  8. So charming nd just from a simple oval shape. I am tempted to try this then paint my dog in the same way…….well have a go it won’t be anything like yours!!!


  9. very serene, love it!! I feed a fox under my front tree every night 🙂


  10. I’m so glad you showed us this without speed-ups! First of all, painting and speed-ups aren’t compatible and also, the things you tell us while you are painting … who would like to miss that?

    The fox is SO cute, now I might even give animals a try after seeing how it’s done. I can draw them but I never seemed to get the fur right in paints. I never dared to blot paint when it comes to fur because I thought the texture would look wrong and then my fur ended up too textured everywhere. It drove me nuts because I had no idea what I was doing wrong!

    About the Sennelier paintbox …. here on a German website I don’t see any difference in the description of the paintbox you are using and the 18-pan paintbox. They both are called something like „excellent“ and all seem to cost a lot. What I’d like to know is if the tiny 8-pan „SENNELIER Aquarell Set Voyage“ is student grade or artist grade too? The tiny paintbox is also sold in a small metal tin along with some brushes and a few sheets of paper, it all might even fit into a jacket pocket. Depends on the jacket!

    I have a request: could you show a video on watercolor mediums? I try to figure out the different mediums Winsor and Newton sell and of course I know what masking fluid is but that’s about it. I used to think ox gall was to remove fingerprints off the paper but it seems to do more than that. I bought iridescent medium and tried that out but the results were so awful I gave it away. They also sell something that does something to the paper but I fear I’d ruin the paper if I just try it out. I’d probably ruin my brushes and paint too!

    I also wonder if I use salt on the paper if it affects the paintbrushes (and paint in the pans) somehow. I know salt harms my own hair so it might ruin expensive brushes.


  11. I enjoyed watching this very much. I’ve done oil paintings but watercolor has always intimidated me. Now just may try it. 🙂 Thank you.


  12. This is beautiful!


  13. Wow so absolutely gorgeous


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