A Mostly Cheap Craft Supply Haul!

Hi friends! This elf has been super busy today and I am in the middle of several fun projects to share with you this week but for now I hope this quick haul will tide you over!


Here is a rundown of where I got what:

Dollar Tree:
Puffy stickers (robots, monsters, owls, dolphins, flowers etc)
*Stock varies at different stores so check many stores for good selection

Ocean State Job Lot:
Pastel Sets
Watercolor palettes
Washi tape set

Jerry’s Artartama:
Pearl Water-soluble oil pastels ***Review coming soon!
Lukas 1862 watercolors set of 48(artist quality) ***Review Coming Soon
Sennelier LaPetit Aquarelle set of 24 ***Review coming soon!
Electric eraser
“Try It samples” Gallery pastels, paper

*I also picked up a full pan of synthetic ox-gall but it must have got tucked into another box:) I have never used it before and I am curious as to what it will do with my watercolors!

So, what would you like to see me use first? Do you want me to do a cheap art supply challenge? Let me know in the comments. Happy crafting!

15 Responses

  1. I’d love to see what oxgall does. I’ve never understood the purpose!


  2. I want to see the ox gall also. I would also like to see the pearl oil pastels and the Sennelier paints. i would love to see the Lukas 1862 review, but they are way out of my budget.


  3. Love you, and love your videos. Appreciate all you do for us!


  4. I would love to see a cheap art supply challenge. I value your opinion.

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  5. I’m a newbie here so I’d enjoy whatever anyone else asks for. Hubby and I may be going to Bangor tomorrow so now I have to put Ocean State Job Lot on the list of places to go. Looking forward to whatever is decided for you to do.


  6. Cheap Art supple challenge!


  7. Cheap art supplies challenge and then I am curious about this on-gall stuff and the supplies you listed under Jerry’s Artartama

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  8. I would love to see the Lukas 1862 review. I have the studio line (16 half pans) and love them. I would really like to know if I should go with the Lukas 1862’s when it is time to upgrade to artist quality.


  9. I would also like to know how the Lukas 1862’s compare to your M. Grahams.


  10. I really want to see what you do with the stickers, especially the floral ones.


  11. I want to see the “big” watercolors


  12. The circle puffy stickers – will they fit into smashed bottlecaps? I was thinking about buying some for experimenting but I forgot during my last trip to the Dollar Tree.


  13. I would love to know the brand and colors of watercolor paint you use for portraiture. I know this was not in the choices but maybe in the future.


  14. lots of great stuff! I just wish that we had those stores out west. Well, maybe they are here, but not near me, except for Dollar Tree. 🙂


  15. I would love to find out what ox-gall is all about…. That should be interesting!


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