A Mostly Cheap Craft Supply Haul!

Hi friends! This elf has been super busy today and I amĀ in the middle of several fun projects to share with you this week but for now I hope this quick haul will tide you over!


Here is a rundown of where I got what:

Dollar Tree:
Puffy stickers (robots, monsters, owls, dolphins, flowers etc)
*Stock varies at different stores so check many stores for good selection

Ocean State Job Lot:
Pastel Sets
Watercolor palettes
Washi tape set

Jerry’s Artartama:
Pearl Water-soluble oil pastels ***Review coming soon!
Lukas 1862 watercolors set of 48(artist quality) ***Review Coming Soon
Sennelier LaPetit Aquarelle set of 24 ***Review coming soon!
Electric eraser
“Try It samples” Gallery pastels, paper

*I also picked up a full pan of synthetic ox-gall but it must have got tucked into another box:) I have never used it before and I am curious as to what it will do with my watercolors!

So, what would you like to see me use first? Do you want me to do a cheap art supply challenge? Let me know in the comments. Happy crafting!

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