Easy Stamped Cards With Masking Fluid!

Hi friends! Today I want to share a card idea you can adapt for any occasion:


Watch the video to see how easy it is!

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1. Stir masking fluid. Coat paintbrush with dish soap and dip brush halfway up the bristles in masking fluid.
2. Paint whatever word you like on cardstock. This word will remain white. The masking fluid protects the white of the paper. You can either work directly on a card base or you can trim a piece of cardstock and adhere it to a base later.
3. Select a stamp (I like to pick a different stamp for each letter but you can use as many or as few as you like) and ink pad for your first color. Stamp above a letter then off stamp on the letter without reinking. Keep stamping on the letter until no ink remains on the stamp. Stamp below the letter then off stamp in and around the letter. Repeat this until you have as much color as you like and then do it with your next stamp/ink combo on the next letter until you have completely covered your “word” with ink.
4. If desired use a sponge to fill in any areas with ink.
5. Blot excess ink off the masking fluid word with a paper towel then gently rub the masking fluid off the paper to reveal your clean white word.

Options! If you like you can add outlines or doodling with a pen!

Masking Fluid Tips:
1. Do not let your masking fluid freeze or it will be ruined.
2. Stir masking fluid before use.
3. Always soap up your brush before using masking fluid or it will be ruined (and wash the brush afterwards!)
4. Test the masking fluid on a scrap of cardstock you plan to use to test for compatibility. Paint it on and let it dry, then peel it off. If it peels away clean it is good to use, if it rips the paper find another cardstock to use.
5. Do not use a heat tool or hair dryer to dry masking fluid, it might bake it to the paper permanently.

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

11 thoughts on “Easy Stamped Cards With Masking Fluid!

  1. Thank you for showing this new technique. This is a great way to use peg stamps. Now there are many ideas for cards I can think of! Thank you for spending the time to list supplies used in your videos–you are very organized and I really appreciate all that you share with us!


  2. How do you keep the back of your cards clean while you stamp? I love your videos and your energy and you are beautiful. It’s great that you share your wonderful knowledge. I get excited watching you and you are so fun!


    1. working on a sheet of paper helps because loose ink will dry on it as opposed to a craft mat where the ink stays wet. You can also use a newspaper for stamping on, oran old phone book and tear off and toss the pages as they get dirty:)


  3. Another wonderful way to use my collection of Peg Stamps. After watching your video showing your bargain packages of sequins I wondered if you might be able to make a video showing an easy way to make a shaker card with sequins.


  4. I LOVE this card! It is simple but beautiful. Thanks for the great tips, especially about using dish soap. I’ve already ruined a brush or two. LOL


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