3 Minute Watercolor Practice: Loose Cherries

Hi friends! If you have 3 minutes you can paint these cherries!


Watch the video to learn how!

Learn to let your watercolor paint flow and do what it wants to by creating a water path for it to follow. This is great for beginners and can be done with ANY watercolor paint even in inexpensive paper. Plus this design makes an adorable note-card. This is a fun technique to practice and it will help you relax and get used to what your paints want to do naturally!

M Graham Watercolors (Aliz Crimson, Mauve, Perm yellow light, sap green)
#8 round mimik brush
Jones Palette
Aquabee 90# CP watercolor paper

Did that tutorial get you in the mood for something sweet? Craftsy has all of their Breakfasts, Sweets & Desserts classes on sale for $12.25 today only! Buy purchasing any class via my special discount link you help support the free videos on my blog and YouTube channel and I thank you for your support. 🙂


I think it is a pretty fun sale, I’ll teach you how to paint the sweets and Craftsy will show you how to bake them just in time for holiday entertaining! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


4 Responses

  1. Love, love, love this beginning watercolor, Lindsay!! It’s just perfect for a beginner… like me! It would be great to have a new series of quick, easy watercolor lessons to take us through the seasons of the year. Heartfelt thanks for all that you do and share with us!! ♡


  2. Just was wondering when you are going to do some of your beading crafts? I love all of your videos and i enjoy reading your blog. Thank you


    • Do you have a project in mind you would like? My next jewelry project is a bracelet made from a vintage (broken) leather strap.


  3. Two thumbs up!! So far I’ve made 4 cherries (3 on a long scrap of thin WC paper that I think will make a neat bookmark) and since you mentioned that this technique would also apply to apples, I had to try and it came out really cool! (I’m going to give it as a present!)
    Please show us more of these simple but practical exercises and tell us what it can expand into. (Which I feel is almost as important because my brain seems to be taking a vacation due to pain pills for a recent operation. Your videos sure helped pass the time during my long stint at the hospital. I couldn’t paint but I could watch you!)
    Thanks again Lindsay, you Rock!


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