Christmas Cupcakes To Paint {You didn’t think I was gonna bake them did you?}

Hi friends! Today we are going to paint some yummy Christmas cupcakes!


I thought about speeding this video up but you always tell me keep the painting tutorials in real time so I took your advice, I hope you find it useful:) Here is a pattern you can trace if you don’t want to draw it freehand.


Paint along with me in this video tutorial. Feel free to take a break anytime you need too, that’s the great thing about a video class, you can paint at your own pace!

Do you want to find gorgeous reference photos like the ones I use? Check out our sponsor Graphicstock and save $50 off an annual subscription using this special discount link.

9″x12″ watercolor paper
Watercolors (Mission Gold)
Round brushes in sizes #30, #8, #4, #1
2 buckets of water& paper towel.
Reference photo

Thanks for stopping by! I will have a free live painting class tomorrow at 12:30pm ET and I hope you will take some time to paint with me then too. Until then, happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. Those cupcakes!


  2. Love the details.


  3. Love the cupcakes…gaining weight as I watch…lol…tfs and thank you so much for the drawing…


  4. I’m SO glad you painted this! I always wanted to know how to paint food, especially bread and cake. I never seem to get the texture right and probably gave up too soon. As usually, your painting looks better than the picture!
    I’d like to watch you painting a mug with steaming hot chocolate (or coffee 😉 ). I know it might seem kitschig, but this time of the year I feel like painting still lives like that. I know I should mix the gray color for steam and that I only get one single chance to paint the steam to keep it airy but I somehow think there’s more to it ….
    I also love the pine cone!


  5. Love these cupcakes and totally loving the longer watercolour videos recently 😀


  6. Such a wonderful painting. It looks good enough to eat. Great job you always do.


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