AQYLA Giveaway! {waterbased alkyd-resin paint)

Hi friends! I wanted to let you know that you KUSAKABE Enogu is giving away a set of AQYLA paint just in time for the holidays! Watch how artists are inspired by Aqyla all over the world and follow the directions at the end of the video to enter! All of the links can be found on the YouTube watch page of their video. You must follow the directions on the video to qualify and this giveaway is open internationally!

Here are a couple of examples I painted with Aqyla. I love that this paint can be used like oils, acrylics, watercolor or gouache. It has more open time than acrylics but dries quicker than oils and is pigmented enough to thin down and use as watercolors. The paint also contains tried and true pigments so there is little worry about fading down the road.

plumerathumb 14324467_10207237656805153_1181979369630035626_o

You can see my full review on these paint here and the tutorials for the brush pot here and flower here if you want to see the paint in action. You can also visit to purchase and save 10% using the coupon code: thefrugalcrafter. But if you want a chance to win some Aqyla paint be sure to visit this YouTube video and follow the directions at the end for your chance to win! Happy Crafting!

Sponsored by AQYLA


8 Responses

  1. Love your you tube channel . I love painting , when I am feeling better I will paint once again . 💕💕💕🖌🖌🖌


  2. What a wonderful idea for a painting. I really enjoyed the video. Thanks for linking. Unfortunately I don’t do Facebook so I can’t enter the contest, but I’d been having a rough morning and this got me in the right frame of mind before going to work.


  3. Wow love it. I appreciate an art product that is versatile. Makes a great investment. Btw Love the snow! lol


  4. Love your video. I always learn something new when I see your video.


  5. Love it!!!


  6. Love this! Love the vase, but everything you paint is amazing!


  7. I wrote the company asking how to order individual tubes since there was no place on their website to order. They wrote back saying at present they are not selling individual tubes on line. The person who responded said they would sell to me if I told them what I wanted. Do you know where to order these in US?


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