Build a Bauble Wreath {Christmas Ball/Ornament Wreath}

Hi friends! First off today I want to announce the winner of the stamps from last weeks ArtNeko giveaway! The wnner is: Ruby Guitard! Ruby, check your email to claim your prize! Now on to today’s project!


I have always wanted to make a Christmas Bauble Wreath and now I have satisfied that desire:) I think these wreaths turned out pretty cute but I have to say I had some struggles. Hopefully my tips and tricks will help your Christmas ornament wreath project go more smoothly than mine did!


First let me say that I recommend the Styrofoam (on left) wreath form and hot glue method if you only need a single sided wreath and you want to pick the way your baubles are arranged. I am not remotely “Type A” but I really liked being able to decide the layout of the ornaments. I think for anyone who is particular about that sort of thing would like this method. Watch the video to see how they are made and decide for yourself:)

Here is what I used for the Styrofoam wreath, cost $13:
10″ Styrofoam wreath form (Dollar Tree)
1 large drum of blue/silver large balls (Nicole-AC Moore)
2 sleeves of small and medium balls in red and silver (Dollar Tree)
Hot glue (lots)
Satin Ribbon for bow (optional)

For the wire form method:
1 large drum or ornaments (glue the caps on the ornaments before you begin!)
*You can also add smaller ornaments, you can either alternate them when you slide on the big ornaments or hot glue them on later (which I did to add stability to the wreath)
heavy duty wire, a wire wreath form or a coat hanger bent into a circle

*The advantage of the slide on wire form method is that you get a double sided wreath and theoretically it is quicker unless you have to chase all the ornaments that fell off the hangers and re glue them on. Just save yourself the trouble and glue them on first.

So, would you attempt this Christmas craft project? Let me know in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. Lindsay, I absolutely love both wreaths, so beautiful. The styrofoam one would my choice. I am also a Dollar Tree fanatic. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Your wreaths are lovely – but I’m not making them, lol. Too fiddly for me. I still remember one year that Martha Stewart made a huge wreath by applying fresh cranberries one by one with straight pins! Made my head hurt just to think about it! I do love yours, though. Thanks for sharing them.

    You are a wonderful inspiration, Martha makes people think they can never measure up to her perfection – You let all of us know that we CAN do stuff!

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  3. I hope to use the ornaments that I just got from Michaels (for a different project) for your project if they are shatter-proof. If not, I will check around for the “perfect ones.” Is it possible to buy one of the wooden bow makers? I am hopeless with this task. I am a newbie with this method of chat. I am more comfortable with the old fashion email address method. Cheers Linda


    • Hi Linda, we still have a couple in stock they are $20 plus $6 usa priority mail shipping, due to the weight of the wood I no longer ship them outside of the USA. Email me at if you want to purchase one and I will send a paypal invoice:)


  4. Oh, Lindsay!! You are too funny. This how I feel whenever I attack any craft project. I spend the money thinking this time will be different, rich and exquisite, and mine ends up looking like a grade school art project. Thank you for sharing, and being so honest.
    C. S.


  5. I was going to share my wreath I made last year but can’t get it to attach. I used a dollar store wire form, tied strips of ribbon to fill in the bulk and attached dollar store ornaments (after gluing tops on) with glitter chenille stems. The ribbon was from my stash but the rest was from the dollar store ($3). The end result made me really happy. While it’s not all ornaments, I loved that I used up a bunch of random ribbons and made a really cute wreath.


  6. Very pretty wreaths. Styrofoam would be my choice. I like things to stay where I put them, would drive me nuts to have them moving around. Haven’t been on my computer as much lately because I have been sewing a lot. Hope you hade a good Thanksgiving. Love to watch you.


  7. This gave some inspiration to make this wreath and also to use this method on a table top tree I have been “stuck” on. Thanks.jj


  8. Yes I’ve wanted to make one of these.


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