Five Seashell Painting by Request!

Hi friends! I got a very enthusiastic response earlier this week when I asked if you would like to have a tutorial of this painting, your wish is my command!


I am using Mission Gold watercolors on Arches paper but feel free to use whatever paper and paint you prefer. Let’s Paint!


Watercolor paper: Arches 140# CP 11″x4″
Watercolors (mission gold) Yellow ocher, burnt umber, peacock blue (you can use Prussian or Pthalo blue), magenta
Round watercolor brushes #2, #4, #8
Credit card scraper
Paper towel and water buckets

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I hope you are having a fabulous weekend and til next time happy crafting!

11 Responses

  1. Awesome Lindsay – can’t wait to watch this one


  2. I am admiring your sea shells painting… wow it is gorgeous!!! As a matter of fact, you just keep getting better and better!! Just wanted you to know 🙂 😁


  3. I really like this . I am going to try it! Thank you for taking the time to do the tutorial .


  4. It looks great, the green one is my favorite. Knowing how much effort this one post must have taken – thanks!!


  5. You do such beautiful work. Keep it up. Love to watch you work


  6. Thanks for this video! I always enjoyed drawing seashells but I never seemed to be able to paint them, I guess I didn’t think of waiting until the layers dried properly. It was so much fun watching you doing it and the painting turned out so amazing I want to give it another try! I was so fascinated I never noticed your heater …..

    It seems to me your style changed during this year somehow …. I really like it!

    AND BTW, will you tell us what Rich Boden sends you in return for the Splatter Brush 😉 ?


  7. very pretty shells, so realistic.


  8. A lovely painting, and I learned a lot! That green shell is so pretty and unusual! Yes, we can hear the furnace, and the other things that turn on while you film, but they are NEVER so loud or annoying that we can’t still CLEARLY hear every word you say! I know it freaks you out when they come on, but truly, they don’t interfere with hearing you. Relax, we’re all good with the sound! It’s 72 in Florida, so thanks for the falling snow on screen…I’m pretending it’s cold and Christmas-y out! I hope you’re having a relaxing evening, and thanks for all you do for us!


  9. Thanks for this video, and for keeping it real. I like the longer time frame, and just to let you know…the furnace doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it does you.


  10. you are still the best at all you do and thank you for shareing and caring so much


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