Get Ready for Wrapping With DIY Tags, Tape & Labels!

Howdy friends! Today we are going to make some fun wrapping supplies in bulk. I like to keep these in a box on my pool table with wrapping paper, scissors and ribbon so anyone in my family can wrap a present quickly!


I had an empty tissue box handy so I cut a diagonally on each edge and pushed the top into the box to make a holder for everything. I reinforced it with duct tape from the dollar tree and you can easily see everything in there. Try not to be jealous of my fanciness LOL!


You can easily make a seasons worth of tags in  an afternoon and it make a nice way to relax during a hectic week! Learn these easy and fun techniques in today’s video!

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All directions to make these handmade gift tags, labels and tape are in the video! Feel free to substitute any supplies you want and make it extra unique! Happy crafting!

9 Responses

  1. Great ideas… I already have printer labels and I will be making tags


  2. I already have my gifts wrapped, so I don’t need labels and tags, but I’m going to make these after the holidays for next year! What a great destresser and so many cool ideas. Now I have to go fill up my wish list for cyber Monday. Thanks for the tips!!

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  3. Fun gift wrapping ideas!!! Love them!!! ~Sophia


  4. Love the “washi tape” tag. I think you you just showed me how to make this years Christmas card!


  5. These look GREAT!!!
    I’m going to have to watch the video!
    I bought some wrapping paper & other goodies after Christmas last year for crafts, etc. I forgot what I bought, so this is going to be fun!!!
    Making some card balls from old cards too!
    Looks like I’m going to get some Christmas goodies going this week! Yippee!
    I’m going to save a few bucks for after Christmas this year so I can get craft goodies next year to make goodies! After+Christmas sales are SO fun! You can put the goodies away for next year, and either make things after Christmas, or put the papers, tape, beads, wreath frames, etc. away, forget about it, and when you get out your decorations for next year, the craft supplies are like a Christmas present, and gets you in the mood to create something new!
    I need to stock up this year!!!
    A wreath from tags, papers &/or cards would be fun!
    Time to pull the goodies out!!!


  6. Handmade tags are great and can be saved and used as tree ornaments 🙂 If you use the same size tag – year after year there will be a set of your “ornaments” on someone’s tree!


  7. Love this idea. You are so right about not using all the store bought tape!


  8. I love hand made tags, they can add so much to things.


  9. Cute project, Lindsay. Now I have a question for you. Mrs. Santa is bringing me a light pad because the lighting is terrible everywhere I try to color. At least that’s my excuse, LOL. So I am thinking I should ask you for a recommendation. If it is expensive, Mrs. Santa will buy from M, JA, or HL with a coupon, I think. LMK.


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