Let’s Mess Around With Different Supplies & $15 Off Coupon!

Howdy friends and happy Thanksgiving! Today you get to see what really happens when I design a project. When I share my monthly Smart Art box with you I like you to see the actuall process of discovering the new tools and mediums, sometimes it goes smoothly, and well, sometimes we have many teachable moments like we do this month.


As you may be aware acrylics are not my go-to medium but they are a big part of this months box, the theme was mixed media. They say hindsight is 20/20 and indeed they are right because I discovered many things about the products in this box and how my project would have turned out nicer and easier had I done things in a different order but that is how we learn. I heard a quote once that went “There is no failure, we either succeed or we learn.” If anyone knows who said that please let me know, I could not find it…I am probably misquoting but you get the idea. With that, here is today’s video!

This tutorial is sponsored by Smart Art Box:  Save $15 on any past box with coupon code BLACK2016 through November 30th

Black canvas panel
Acrylic paint (red, yellow, blue, white)
Gold outliner
Paint brushes
Sand texture paste
*I also used an art journal for color mixing and q-tips to remove paint and I use disposable palette paper.

1. When working on a black canvas paint all of your objects white and let dry, then paint with your colors.
2. Save the gold outlining until the end of the project.
3. You can tint the texture paste with your acrylics so you won’t have to paint it later.

I hope you enjoyed this cautionary tale of a project:) Even though I struggled along the way I enjoyed the process and it looks pretty festive upon my mantle and I am sure I will put the leftover supplies to good use. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



7 Responses

  1. really pretty…. like the way you open these boxes and say “let’s play together” . takes guts and you always pull it off. thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Lindsay. May your day be filled with Family, Friends and Love.


  3. […] Let’s Mess Around With Different Supplies & $15 Off Coupon! – 1 freebie(s) […]


  4. These boxes may be reasonably priced but they are outside of my monthly budget. I love to see what you do with them though.


  5. You are so brave to try these new-to-you products without any plan. It helps to see the process and how it always turns out pretty well as long as you don’t give up. That helps me to keep going with my art whenever I think I have botched it. This turned out very nice. I love the gold and the snow the best. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you and yours from Teresa in PEI, Canada


  6. I think those parcels are so exciting …. I already have so much stuff I can’t possibly order something like that and end up with dublicates. But I enjoy watching you opening them up and approaching New Continents!

    The gold border gel reminds me of this craft product called “Window Color” that was popular in Germany about 15 to 20 years ago, I had to FORCE something like that out of a plastic bottle and then fill up the shapes with thinner Window Color. You “painted” on sheets of transparent plastic, let it dry, peeled it off and presed it onto the window. It was fun but that viscous border stuff hurt my wrists and fingers, also I had to store those bottles bottoms up to prevent air bubbles drying it out and plugging the nozzle. The decoration we made was pretty but it was hard handling the border outliner paint.


  7. Is this what you were looking for? “Nothing fails like success because we don’t learn from it. We learn only from failure”. ~Kenneth Boudling


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