Brushes Demystified & Brush Set Giveaway!

Update! Giveaway closed, thanks to all that entered, the winner is: Janet Okelley!

Also the Fabart interchangeable brush sets are back in stock and the 20% off coupon code: 7XOWSQJ9 has been extended through 12/7/16

Hi friends! Have you ever wandered through the art store and wondered what all of those artist brushes were used for? Well today you are in luck because I will tell you {almost} everything you ever wanted to know about brushes but were afraid to ask;)


This video is packed with information and techniques. You might even want to grab your brushes and some scrap paper and try some of the brushstrokes along with me to help you learn what brushes do what. I hope you find this video helpful!


OK, I have some good news and some bad news, the good news is that I get to give away a set (paint brushes or knitting needles) of your choice from the FABART store, the bad news is that the interchangeable brush set I demonstrated in the video sold out within hours of the video going live. I have talked to the manufacturer and they hope to have more brushes in next week. In the meantime I want to know in the comments what brush set (or knitting needles) would you like to win if I picked your name. Have a look at these sets and let me know in the comments below! Remember you can pick the set I used in the video because they will be back in stock soon;) I will pick a lucky person in a week and they will win their pick!

This blogpost is sponsored by FABART! Use coupon code 7XOWSQJ9 to save 20% at FABART (Also Amazon Prime members get free 2 day shipping!) They have another 12 brush set that I like for watercolors and it has most of the shapes that the interchangeable set has and the bristles are dense and absorbent and it comes in a travel case. This set is not as compact as the one in the video because all the brushes have permanent handles but it is a great alternative!


In this video you will learn many ways to use the following brushes:

Round Brush
Liner Brush
Spotter Brush
Dagger Brush
Angle Brush
Flat Brush
Bright Brush
Fan Blender
Rake Brush
Deerfoot Stippler
Filbert/Oval Wash
Cat’s Tongue

I hope this helps you get more use out of your brushes and gives you the courage to try something new! Don’t forget to leave your brush set pick in the comments below because you might win your choice next week! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!