Make this Wreath for $2!

Hi friends! Today I am going to show you how you can transform tree clippings into a beautiful wreath!


This is a very frugal project, it cost me less than $2 to make this and you might have all of the supplies on hand! Watch the video to see how!

Evergreen clippings (I used pine, spruce, fir and ceder)
A wreath form ($1 from the Dollar Tree)
Floral Wire ($1 from Dollar Tree)
Pinecones and berries

And LAVA soap for removing sap and pitch from your hands!

1. Wire together evergreen clipping in bunches.
2. Working from the spool attach the wire ind to wreath frame. Hold a bundle of evergreen to the frame and wrap wire around several times. I also like the wrap the wire around in the middle of the bunch on the first one.

3. Keep attaching the bundles of evergreen until the frame is filled. Clip the wire leaving 10″ tail and secure it to the back of the frame.

4. Use wire to attach pinecones.

5. Tuck in berry branches securing with wire if needed.

That was easier than I thought, how about you? Will you give it a try? Let me know in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!

Sponsored by LAVA Soap!


9 Responses

  1. Baby oil or mineral oil is a much gentler way to get rid of the pitch! Just rub it into the pitch well and then wash it all off. The wreath is beautiful!


  2. Two things I learn…how to make a wreath…and how to get the yuk off your hands…and I bet the soap will help with the dry peeling hands too…going to go out and buy some…thank you so much for sharing this …love…love…your wreath…tfs


  3. Thanks just love it heading to $tree first thing in the morning. Just love all your arts and craftsee you share with us.


  4. Beautiful Wreath Lindsay. xx


  5. What a great idea, bundling the cuttings first! Thanks for the reminder of what a great product Lava soap is. That soap has been around for as long as I have! Great for the messes that gardeners get into, too. What is the material that you use as a table top protector? I need something to protect from paint and ink.


  6. Love it. I have never wired the packets together before. I just make a small bunch as I’m working and wire them on. Lovely wreath.


  7. I love those wreath forms. Did you know you can purchase them by the case from their website and have them delivered to your local store for no extra charge? I keep thinking that is what I want to do (but haven’t been brave enough to commit to a whole case of wreath forms). It’s really nice because our local store only carries the forms for a short time and they sell out way too quickly.


  8. Loved how you bunched the firs together, would make these for pressies. Thanks lyndsey x


  9. Lindsay, what would you use to make a hook? I want to hang it on a nail. Thank you!


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