Hot Wax=Fun Art!

Hi friends! This project was such a joy to create. I can’t remember the last time I just had fun exploring a new-to-me art form and I hope it inspires you to try it too! Today I am experimenting with Encaustic art which is painting with sticks of colored wax you melt. It is so fun and the texture you get is wonderful!


I have wanted to try this for a while but the cost of getting started was prohibitive, luckily I got all the supplies I needed to get up and running in this months Smart Art Box! Watch the video and see how this piece came together!

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Surface: Ampersand Art Encaustic Board
Media: Encausticos Wax Pigment Sticks
Brushes: Hog angular 1/2″ a #4 round
Silicone Spatula
Coffee Mug Warmer & Aluminum foil for palette
Stamped tissue paper
*I also use oil pastels from a previous smart art box for more color options

Encaustic art directions:
1. Cover the coffee mug warmer with tin foil and melt your color on it.
2. Use a brush or silicone spatula to quickly transfer the melted wax to the painting board.
3. Clean the brush by “rinsing” it is clear wax medium and wiping it on a paper towel. The brushes you use for encaustic will need to be kept for encaustic as you will not be able to remove all of the wax.
4. Embed collage element on the painting using hot wax as a “glue” if desired.

Tip! A heat gun on low can be used to rework an area of a painting. Just make sure not to get it too close to the painting and use caution.

This is my favorite smart art box yet and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Happy Crafting!

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7 Responses

  1. This does look like a lot of fun…going to try this with crayons first to see if I like it…tfs

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  2. Hi Lindsay,
    I love all your videos, you give such helpful tips and have great ideas.
    The colored encaustic sticks can be diluted with encaustic medium (encaustic wax and damar resin crystals) to go a lot further. Please tell your followers that encaustic wax when heated over 200* F, can give off toxic fumes, and must be done in a well ventilated area.You need to have a temperature regulator or BBQ thermometer.Your wax is melting very quickly, so hopefully you didn’t have smoking or fumes.
    You can safely clean brushes with clear soy wax. Here is an article about safety:

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  3. Linsey Can you do any reviews of the Brother Scan N Cut 2.



  4. I also remember seeing a demo w/ the encaustic wax; it was at the (Marlborough?) stamp convention (think it was when they first moved out of Boston and before they went to Springfield), so how many years ago was that?? They did this on a smaller scale, and used a small iron that they melted the wax on, and then they “swiped” it across a board or heavy cardstock (can’t recall).. They were creating landscape backgrounds where they later stamped into, or maybe they stamped first? All I remember about the stamps is that they were solid images of castles and dragons. Of course I bought the kit! Now I feel like I want to (finally) try it, especially given your idea about using oil pastels. I think that they used the clear wax to extend the colors, as some were super rich and dark, and this toned them down. Since it was a stamp convention, they did a tie-in with the solid images. I thought some of the landscapes could stand alone, without adding stamping.


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