Fancy a Spot of Tea? Real Time Watercolor Tutorial!

Hi friends! I almost titled this post “Don’t buy the new Prima Watercolors until you read this!” but it felt a little two click-baity. Although I think that this post will give you some valuable info on the two new Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections set Pastel Dreams and Shimmering Lights. First off, I really like these but if you are planning on using them like ordinary watercolors you might be disappointed in the results. That’s why I created a free painting tutorial to help you make the most of these unique sets.


Here is the step by step video and review of these new paints.

Here are links to the Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections sets. Hallmark scrapbook is having 15% off Prima watercolor products! Woohoo! They have free shipping on USA order over $99 and reasonable rates for worldwide shipping.

  • Pastel Dreams (I use mostly colors from this set in the teacup tutorial)
  • Decadent Pies (I used a blue and green from this set to achieve the rest of the colors for the teacup tutorial. This is a great landscape painting set)
  • Tropicals (If you can only get one set go for Tropicals, they have the brightest cleanest colors and mix well)
  • The Classics (A all around useful set with basic colors and a white and black if that is important to you)
  • Shimmering Lights (A very opaque paint with mica added to create a subtle elegant sheen)

There are NO duplications in any of the colors in these sets so if you want to collect them all you will have all unique colors. 😀

I wanted to also show you how the paints look in a more opaque fashion.


They remind me a lot of gouache, the paint feel very buttery when applied thickly (not chalky like I thought they might) and they would show up nicely on colored cardstock for cardmaking and scrapbooking. In these swatches you can see the colors from Pastel Dreams and Shimmering Lights. I overlaid a thicker swatch of the pastels over the wash layer once it was dry so you can see how the colors shifts darker in thicker layers. I swatched the shimmering colors on white and black as they look much different on each. Again, great for cardmakers and scrapbookers.


I also played with using the Pastel Dreams and Shimmering lights with lots of water. Because there are no strong darks other than red and brown it is difficult to get darks so you would not want these sets as your only watercolors, they are better as add-on collections.


So now you have the skinny on these two new paint sets from Prima Marketing. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below and if you like this project please share it with a friend or on social media:) I also wanted to let you know that most other watercolor products are also on sale at Hallmark Scrapbook and anything you purchase through the affiliate links in the post support the free tutorials on my channel, thanks! I’ll be back tomorrow with our live Friday painting class, til then happy crafting!


3 Responses

  1. My gosh, by golly, three of my favorite things. High Tea, macaroons, and a water color tutorial. Enjoy the first two while traveling or celebrating with family. A lovely English professor (from England) served high tea for Grandsons, masters in molecular biology celebration. Thank you. Lovely renditions, mouthwatering in fact.


  2. Hi Lindsay! Thanks for this review and tutorial. I was contemplating trying the Prima sets and your review has certainly helped me. I don’t think they are quite what I need right now – I have so many watercolor sets already!! I do love the colors, though! Perhaps sometime later I’ll be able to pick a set up. There are so many things I want to try!! (Mostly from your tutorials!! This week I’ve done water mixable oils – your pitcher and cherries, and a landscape! And the water soluble graphite! I did your squirrel, then a picture of my dog. Today I’m using peg stamps for cards!!)


  3. I loved watching you paint this teacup and the yummy chocolates! Thank you for the step by step and the honest review of the paints. I don’t know if you use Twinkling H20’s but I was wondering if the shimmering colors in this Prima set are like the H20’s. I guess I will buy a set and find out for myself! I can only have more fun! BTW your painting is beautiful!


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