Enjoy Zero Calorie Desserts! (because we paint them!)

Hi friends! There is nothing like being on a diet that makes you aware of how beautiful food looks! I am not a big sweet eater but I do love the look of glossy raspberry syrup dripping down the side of a delectable cake or pastry. Why not try to capture this beauty with watercolor?


Warning, the video is a bit long but sometimes painting takes time. I hope you enjoy it:)

I apologize for posting so many painting projects in a row. I had intended to post a project using all the UFO (unfinished objects) paper pieces that are currently on a pile on my table and making a batch of any occasion cards. I thought it would be fun since I increased my stash of water media rubber stamped panels when I filmed a class for Angela Fehr’s Creative Watercolor Course. I became daunted at the pile which was getting pretty thick and then I got distracted by something shiny…


…which ended up being a really cool start to a project but it has to wait 72 hours to fully cure hence adding to my UFO problem LOL!

I was going to be so clever because I could make a bunch of awesome cards, give you a sneak peek at what I did as a guest instructor for the Creative watercolor Course and announce the winner of the free spot in the class from last weeks giveaway but alas I will just have to announce the winner in this weird little blog post:) The winner of a spot in the Creative Watercolor Course is Joyce! Since there may be more than one Joyce and I don’t have a last name I replied to her comment on the giveaway thread and already emailed her so if you won there is a free link in your email, yay!

If you didn’t win but you want to try the course you can enroll at 51% off using this special discount link. If for some strange reason the discount does not show up on the sell page use the coupon code FIRSTDIBS. Like I said the discount should show up but it is Monday after all:) The discount is good through November 17th.


By purchasing a space in this class using my special discount affiliate link you help bring these free tutorials to you on my Blog and YouTube channel and I thank you for your support! I have some really fun projects coming up over the next two weeks (cards, painting, jewelry, ceramics, holiday decor) so I hope you check back soon! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


7 Responses

  1. Very nice, I wish I had a talent for painting. In the mean time, I am hanging in there, waiting for videos of other things.


  2. Beautifup picture as usual. You r so talented. When i first saw the headline I thought why is she giving us a recipe? No wonder you are are thin since you are not a big sweet eater but you are missing out. Lol Thanks for the beautiful picture as always beautiful.


  3. Lol, Lindsay, that was sneaky! You really had me going there for a minute. Beautiful painting, good enough to eat…:-)


  4. Good morning Lindsay, I would like to enroll in the Creative Watercolor class in Canadian dollars but it doesn’t show the discount. Are we eligible for the discount? As always your videos are are fun and full of information , thank you for all your hard work!


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